The beat must go on


For those who don’t know me, I am a streetstyle photographer. I just love to go to Paris, Milan or any other city searching for… Read more »
2 minute readby Bram Laebens

PREVIEW: limited collection of unique Cat Cubes

Purr purr miauw! Let me introduce you to Delphine, the small and cheerful blond behind Cat Cube, a geometrical treat for both cats and owners.… Read more »
1 minute readby Sander Vanermen

Behind the scenes Alexander Wang photoshoot

Full of pride we presented you the results of our Alexander Wang x H&M editorial last week, but images like this don’t just happen. It… Read more »
2 minute readby Karen Moreaux and Bram Laebens

Seduced by her voice and style – Siam

“Siam has a jazzy, sultry and warm voice. Seductively, yet playful her musicality takes you on a journey, guided by soulful beats.”   Siam is a… Read more »
1 minute readby Charlotte Monteyne

Mercedes-Benz Best Dressed Man 2014

Streetstyle in Paris – Anjulee

Let me let you in on a little secret of mine… My favourite season of the year is autumn. Maybe it’s because my birthday falls… Read more »
1 minute readby Karen Moreaux

Alexander Wang for H&M editorial

When I first heard that Alexander Wang was collaborating with H&M I swear my heart stopped for a moment. I still remember the moment on… Read more »
2 minute readby Karen Moreaux

Give-away: Searching for the trill of it

When you’re done reading this article, you won’t only associate “trillers” with Michael Jackson’s big hit, but also with an amazing party concept in Ghent.… Read more »
3 minute readby Sarah Parent

Alexander Wang for H&M Give away!

Just one more week… and it’s Alexander Wang x H&M time! On the 6th of November the collection of this young American designer will hit… Read more »
1 minute readby Karen Moreaux

Charlotte’s Chocolate Curls – Hair Tutorial

As a make-up artist and hair stylist, I get a lot of my clients asking for big and sexy loose curls to match with their… Read more »
3 minute readby Leonard Santos

Iced coffee à la barista, please

After going to the Iced Coffee Tournament in Black Box, I learned all sort of things about iced coffee and the barista culture. So now… Read more »
2 minute readby Aurelie Vermeulen

Hear! Hear! Halloween is coming!

Time to spice up your nails. Trick, treat or themed nails? Get inspired… “You’ll be tha cool chick” Cross my heart! “How dare you… ”… Read more »
1 minute readby Elfi De Bruyn

Streetstyle in Milan: Annabel Rosendahl

Even tough I have been following the national and international blogosphere for years now (you should see my bloglovin’ list!) there are always some bloggers… Read more »
1 minute readby Karen Moreaux

How long will you Stay?

If you think of Ghent, you think of cozy coffee bars, cool markets, burger tents, the historic city center, snowballs and mustard of Tierenteyn. Who… Read more »
2 minute readby Aurelie Vermeulen

Bué The Warrior – and his adventure

“Bué has been drawing forever. He finds his satisfaction from putting smiles on people’s faces, or giving them a heartwarming feeling.” Last weekend was ab-so-lutely… Read more »
2 minute readby Elfi De Bruyn

Dancing in darkness to the sound of a drum – Seinabo Sey

That’s exactly how I would describe this next artist’s music I recently discovered. Seinabo Sey is a Swedish soul-electro-pop singer from Sweden, with a large… Read more »
1 minute readby Leonard Santos

Benelux’ first iced coffee tournament

The 28th of September: lazy Sunday, newspaper, coffee, cake and entertainment: CHECK. Next to sports, coffee is the focusing point of Yf Feller and his… Read more »
3 minute readby Aurelie Vermeulen

How to cartoonize your lips

‘Hey Hey Happy Nails’ is a new project of our very own nail artist Elfi and graffiti artist Bué The Warrior. A while ago, Elfi… Read more »
3 minute readby Charlotte Monteyne