You are your own brand

Don’t be insecure about yourself. Express yourself and your talents. I love the fact that all people are different. I love how people have their own style and act in their own way.

I have been working in recruitment for three months now and I experience everyday that what makes a candidate really interesting, is when he/she stands out from all the others. Life is really too short to wear the (boring) same, to act the same and to follow each other in everything.

Photography__Shirley Villavicencio_Selfportrait_2

Photography__Shirley Villavicencio_Selfportrait_3
When I go shopping with my friends and they say “Sarah, this is a shirt for you”, it feels good because I consider it a sign that I have my own style and my own personality. When I was younger, I would sometimes behave in certain ways to be funny or to be different and I hated it when people said I was strange or special. But it’s actually something everyone should try to be – strange in a special way. Don’t be someone who has a personal brand, BE the brand. Be different in order to achieve success, be someone. We can all shine in our own way with our own talents and our own passions. Don’t become a doctor when you love to paint. Don’t become a lawyer when you love to design fashion since you were 6.

Totbag_Art_Drawing__Shirley Villavicencio_1Totbag_Art_Drawing__Shirley Villavicencio_1.jpg

Ghentstreets was founded by Karen and Bram who started photographing people who dared to be different, people with their own style that dare to express their creativity in extraordinary outfits. They are an irreplaceable part of the streets in Ghent.

Art_Drawing__Shirley Villavicencio_2 Art_Drawing__Shirley Villavicencio_1

My Peruvian friend Shirley Villavicencio (26y) is fascinated by art and photography. Her work is the perfect demonstration of someone who dares to be different, in her own crazy strange and special way. Enjoy!

Photography__Shirley Villavicencio_09 Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbH Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbHPhotography__Shirley Villavicencio_01 Photography__Shirley Villavicencio_08

To find more of Shirley’s work, go to

Portrait pictures taken by Tiny Geeroms.


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