Beauty review: Eyeshadow palettes – pt. 1

January: a new year, a new beginning. Aurelie and Charlotte are starting the ‘Ghentstreets beauty year’ with an eyeshadow review. The ladies tested some eyeshadow palettes from different brands and price categories. They will share with you their opinions about the palettes and help you create some looks. Here’s the first part.

Estée Lauder & BE Creative Make Up

Charlotte reviews Pure color envy, sculpting EyeShadow 5-color palette ‘Envious Orchid’ of Estée Lauder (€ 56). Aurelie tests the eyeshadow quad ‘Magic’ of BE Creative Make Up (€17,95).
Charlotte: ‘My first impression of this eyeshadow palette is that it looks very nice and sophisticated. The pallet has a large mirror and closes correctly with a little magnetic lock. Purple and pink are some of my favorite colors for my eye makeup. Purple goes very well with my green/brown eyecolor, especially when you want to light up the green of the iris.’

Aurelie: ‘My pallet looks more simple, but very sparkly and fun. The sleek black design is subtle, but also stylish. It contains two very soft and glittery colors, a deep bright blue and a dark plumb. At first, the blue seems a bit odd in this combination, but it works, you’ll see… One negative in my opinion: no mirror.’

Let’s get started!

Make up tutorial Estee lauder BE creative photography Bram Laebens 07
Charlotte’s look – Envious Orchid

The look I created is an evening look. It’s perfect for a dinner date, a girls’ night out or any other dress-up occasion! These are the steps I followed:

1. I put the light lilac eyeshadow on my whole eyelid.
2. I applied the purple eyeshadow on my crease, which I blended with a little of the black eyeshadow (adding the black eyeshadow to the purple makes it more expressive).
3. I put a bit of the pearl white eyeshadow on the inner corners of the eye, to lighten up my eyes and make them more ‘open’.
4. Last step before putting on the mascara: drawing my eyeliner with the black eyeshadow.
I used a little angle brush to draw my winged liner above my upper lashes.
5. I finished the look by putting on some mascara (I used ‘Volume Vertige’ from Yves Rocher).

Make up tutorial Estee lauder BE creative photography Bram Laebens 03 Make up tutorial Estee lauder BE creative photography Bram Laebens 06

I love the combination of matte and pearl eyeshadows in this palette! It helps to create a beautiful sophisticated look. I also like the pigmentation and texture of these eyeshadows: you don’t need much to have enough color and the eyeshadow stays very long on my eyelids without moving. Two words: loving it!

Make up tutorial Estee lauder BE creative photography Bram Laebens 05

Aurelie’s look – Magic

If you like a natural look with a little twist, you should take a look at what you can do with this magical palette of BE Creative Make Up. Follow my steps:

1. Apply the soft rose gold on the entire eyelid. Don’t forget your inner eye corners.
2. Take a small amount of the deep plum on your eyebrush and blend it in the crease of your eye.
3. Put a large amount of the gold pigment and blend it in the area above your iris and under your crease. This touch of gold gives your eyes something extra. Especially when you have grey, brown or green eyes (for the ladies with light blue eyes, you better skip this step, it fades away the beautiful color of your eyes)
4. Take your eyeliner brush, put a little water on it and apply eyeliner above your eyes. It gives you a bit of cockiness.
5. To complete your look: I went for a double eyeliner and added a black wing liner. Add a deep natural lip color to add some sexiness.

Make up tutorial Estee lauder BE creative photography Bram Laebens 01 Make up tutorial Estee lauder BE creative photography Bram Laebens 04

Although I went for this natural look, you can also chose to make a smoky eye with this palette by using more of the plum and the blue. Thereby, you can use this eyeshadow quad in many different ways, what makes it so interesting. The colors are matching well together, are bright colors on the skin and are containing many glitters. You should be careful that this ‘fairy dust’ – I like to call them – don’t drop on your cheeks. I would not recommend this palette for the more mature women, because the glitters can accumulate in the wrinkles of the eye. But for me, this ‘magic’ is perfect!

Make up tutorial Estee lauder BE creative photography Bram Laebens 02

Tips & tricks

    • After putting on your foudation and concealer, use a powder on your eyelids to fix the makeup and create a perfect base for your eye makeup.
    • Use brushes to apply eyeshadow! You will work more precisely and neat with a brush than using your fingers.
    • The key to make the colors nicely melt into each other is to blend, blend, blend!
    • Try different things with your pallet. Dare to experiment and dare to get a better look.

      Love and sparkles,
      Aurelie & Charlotte


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