Charlotte’s Chocolate Curls – Hair Tutorial

As a make-up artist and hair stylist, I get a lot of my clients asking for big and sexy loose curls to match with their glamorous make-up. Whenever I pull out my straightening iron to make those curls, I often get weird looks. “Wait, I asked for curls, not for straight hair?” I know, but I like making curls with my straightening iron. Why? For a lot of reasons, actually… Let’s have a look!

I (practically) always use a straightening iron for styling a girl’s hair, whether it’s for straightening or curling or even waving. I personally find that using a straightening iron holds the curl or wave better and gives you more control of how long you let your hair heat up.


Charlotte was a good sport for being my model for today (thanks, honey!). She has thin hair with not that much body or volume, but she sure has beautiful looong hair! That’s why I decided to give her big, bouncy, sexy, loose curls.


Here’s the before:


These are the things you need:

  • Hairspray (I used L’Oréal Infinium Lumière and Indie Hairspray Superfirm)
  • A straightening iron (mine is Braun Satin Hair 7 Colour– the beeeeeest one I’ve ever had)
  • Heat protectant (we failed to get that on photo. Sorry!)
  • Hairclips (as much as you need, to section off your hair)
  • A paddle brush


Step 1:

Brush your hair. Spray some heat protectant all over and section off your hair. Start by making a line from the top of your ear to the top of the other ear. All the hair above that line needs to be clipped into place. The hair behind your ear is a good place to start. All the other sections you make after this step are up to you.

Step 2:

Neatly take a strand of hair (depending on the thickness of your hair) and pull it outwards. Put the hair between the warm plates of the straightening iron and close the iron.

Quickly after you close the iron, turn it away from your face and guide your hair through the iron. Think of it like the curlies you make with your scissors and a ribbon to wrap up a gift, it’s practically the same effect!

Repeat this step if the curl doesn’t come out perfectly – which is okay, it happens all the time! Practice, practice, practice!


Step 3:

After every big section has been curled and cooled off (!), you can spray a little bit (!) of hairspray to loosely set the curl. It is important to not use too much hairspray at this point.

Step 4:

Repeat step 2 and 3 over your entire head, but do not forget to section off your hair! It will make it easier for you, I promise!

Step 5:

After all your hair is curled and cooled off with a little spritz of hairspray, you take your paddle brush or your hands and gently (!) brush through your curls.


Look at Charlott’s being all worried her curls are not going to last! Haha! 

Ladies, don’t panic. Your curl will hold (if you brushed it very gently), it’s just going to look more natural. Trust me on this one! ;-)

Step 6:

Hairspraaay! You can use as much as you like!

Extra step:

Style it into place, like I did with Charlotte!

Here’s the final result:


Good luck! Do you have questions about the technique and/or the products? You know where to find me!



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