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The woody and chilly fragrance of September, the warm and safe scent of my mother, the sultry smell of the asphalt when it rains on a hot day… Memories of places, moments or persons are very often linked with a certain scent. Our appearance is a way to show the world who we are. Our clothes, hairdo and make-up give away hints of our personality. But a lot of people forget that your perfume is the finishing touch of your total look. Unfortunately most of the perfumes fade away quickly or are worn by many others… If you want a more unique and personal scent, you better look for a niche perfume. Sens d’Or is the place for you to find the perfect match. The store opened in March 2014, but hasn’t stopped expanding their range of niche perfumes ever since.


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‘Niche’ means that the perfume has an intensity of 10%-30%, which is a lot higher than commercial perfumes. These perfumes will adapt to your skin, so one perfume develops slightly different on each one’s skin. Sens d’Or sells various brands such as “Juliette has a Gun”, “Olfactive Studio”, “Aedes de Venustas”, “Viktoria Minya” and “Histoires de Parfums”.

I will focus on some of my favorite brands, starting with my most beloved “Juliette has a Gun”. Romano Ricci, the great-grandson of Nina Ricci, set up this label. He’s a romantic and a big fan of Shakespeare (writer of “Romeo and Juliet”). His biggest source of inspiration are women. He considers perfume as a women’s weapon.

One of his fragrances is “Mad madamme”, based on a woman with self-confidence, who blows you away with her appearance and wears high heels of Louboutin. You can find the reference to Louboutin in the bottle that’s red and black. “Citizen Queen” is a softer scent that contains leather, patchouli and iris. This fragrance stands for the glamorous, self-confident, but dreamy woman you can bump into in a big city.With “Anyway”, Romano created a perfume for women who want to take a step back and let their worries behind. Think of a summer day, a flower garden, white loose clothing, laughing faces and a soft breeze. Even the bottle is soft and light, just like the fragrance.

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A brand that deserves attention is “Olfactive Studio”, set up by the French perfumer Céline Verleure. After a successful career in the house of Kenzo, she left everything behind and started to travel the world. Trough travelling she started to miss creating perfume, so she started the blog “The blog of a fragrance that doesn’t exist (yet!)”. Pictures of places and moments from all over the world gave her the idea of translating photographs into perfumes. Together with a couple of photographers, she created a unique, visual collection of fragrances.

One of the fragrances is “Lumière blanche”, based on a picture of an Italian coast, which has been taken on a summer day. The picture has a cold character; the coast and the water are white because of the chalk. Still, there’s some warmth coming from the picture too, due to people in bathing suits and a blinding sunlight. These are the feelings you get with the perfume, which has a cool anise scent alternating with warm cedar- and sandalwood. Also the calcareous appearance of the picture is translated into the perfume by making it look milky.

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Last but not least, I wanted to focus on the brand “Histoires de Parfums”. The booklover in me was instantly attracted to the design of the collection. The bottles look like book covers with dates on it. An example is “1828”, the year science fiction writer Jules Verne was born in Nantes. The ocean Verne lived near by, made him fantasize about going overseas and exploring the world. He wrote books about his fantasies of discoveries, which are still popular today. The fragrance takes you, just like his stories, to spiced and exotic locations, with a hint of freshness from the ocean. Another perfume from the collection is “1969”, the year of the sexual revolution. This warm and erotic scent contains patchouli, white musk and intense chocolate. Sensuality in a bottle!


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Besides the exclusive gamma of niche perfumes, Sens d’Or offers also offers make-up of the brand MUD (Make Up Designory). You can take part in make-up-workshops, instructed by professional makeup artists who are trained by MUD (a real must!).
The store underwent several reconstructions recently. Now there’s even more room for exploring and searching for the right perfume… There’s nothing stopping you from a visit to the store!


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