Life is short, but your lashes shouldn’t be!

Passionate about beauty, we felt so incredibly pampered to receive those cute paper bags from Yves Rocher, filled with three of their best mascaras. We were eager to test them all out for you (and for ourselves).



By chance, the three of us all have very different eyelashes. Elfi has shorter and straighter lashes, where Charlotte has sexy long ones. Aurelie on the other hand has medium-length and naturally curled lashes. We were curious to see if each one of us could find a mascara that matched the shape of our lashes perfectly!

First some pictures without the mascara treatment.
After putting it to the test, these are our thoughts:

Volume Elixir Mascara

Elfi: The brush of this mascara easily puts too much mascara on your lashes, which leads to clotting of Elfi’s lashes. In Elfi’s opinion, this mascara is too heavy.

Charlotte: I like this mascara, because it paints my lashes nicely. I wouldn’t say it gives a lot of extra volume, but my lashes are beautifully separated and popping! I love my mascara a bit darker than this one, because my lashes aren’t naturally very dark. On the other hand, this color is very natural. I also like the ‘elixir’ part: as the tube says, this mascara contains hibiscus extract, which will soften and repair my lashes…  Perfect!

Aurelie: In the application of the Volume Elixir Mascara, my eyelashes were clotting together immediately. Although there seems to be a good amount of product on the brush, I’m not very fond of the shape of the brush for my curled lashes. Next to that I prefer mascara that creates volume and lengthens at the same time. In this case, I’m missing the volume!


Vertige Mascara

Elfi: The texture of this mascara is not too thick, so your lashes don’t stick together and are separated. It also gives Elfi’s lashes volume and a dark color. We have a winner!

Charlotte: This mascara does the same for my lashes as the ‘Volume Elixir Mascara’, but in a better way. It separates my lashes nicely, but also gives enough volume and a beautiful dark color. This is how I love my lashes; dark and popping!
Definitely my favorite mascara!

Aurelie: The Vertige Mascara made my lashes seem a little shorter than they actually are. The volume is better than the previous test, but now there’s a lack of lengthening.


Sexy Pulp Mascara

Elfi: This mascara separates Elfi’s lashes beautifully. This one is perfect when you go for a natural look, because the color of this mascara isn’t too dark. The only letdown is that Elfi likes her lashes darker and with more volume, so not her favorite!

Charlotte: My least favorite mascara… I don’t like the texture because it gives you the feeling you haven’t got enough mascara on your brush and lashes. Because of this, I kept on putting layers of this mascara on my lashes, which I don’t like to do   -less is more! On top of that, I had the strange feeling my lashes seemed less long… Not my match!

Aurelie: Although I had the feeling the brush wasn’t dosing the product in a good way and I had to layer the product a couple of times, this is my favorite one! It takes a little longer to get the result, but it’s worth ‘waiting for’: my lashes are longer and voluminous – I like!


Tips and tricks when using mascara:

–  Open the tube with a twisting motion.

–  Do not (!!) dip the brush into the tube. By doing that, you are pumping air into the tube; this causes your mascara to dry out quicker.

–  During application, make one straight and smooth motion from the eyelash roots to the top of the eyelashes.

–  Is there a cloth between your lashes? Move softly with your brush from the left to the right, when going up. Don’t do this too hard or too fast, otherwise your eyelashes will cloth together.

–  Mascara is only for personal use. The mascara brush could contain bacteria, so lending it out can lead to an eye-infection.


Which one is your favourite? Let us know in the comments.
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Photography by Bram Laebens.

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