“No matter what you wear, good skin never goes out of style”

In the center of Ghent, there’s a little store I discovered three years ago: Kiehl’s. Ever since my first visit, I haven’t stopped visiting and have never left the store without a new discovery. The super-friendly staff Tobia and Line, the charming science-feeling of the interior and the large offer of products with focus on various skin conditions have made me a hardcore Kiehl’s fan. My enthusiasm forces me to write this article and makes it my mission to convince everybody who hasn’t paid a visit the store yet!



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A beautiful skin. I probably don’t have to tell you: make-up can help you create a youthful and clear skin, but the perfect base is a well cared-for skin. And for men this isn’t any different! When I was younger, I had to deal with acne. Today, my skin is recovered, but it stays difficult to find the right skincare products for me. I think I’ve tried more than 20 brands, but Kiehl’s skincare is the best for me so far. I saw results after only two weeks of using these products, a miracle! The fast and free skin analysis you get every time you visit the store makes everything more exiting. This analysis helps the shop assistant to find the perfect products for you. Repeating it with every visit, gives you a clear view on the evolution of your skin. Finally, all of the Kiehl’s products consist of natural ingredients. Reasons enough to make me happy!


Here are some of my new favorite products I can no longer live without:


Let me start with the lip balm: I haven’t had dry lips since I started using it. I swear. Sounds impossible? Well, try it. I always have two tubes in my home: one in my purse and one on my nightstand. Before I go to sleep, I put on a thick layer, so it can soak into my lips during the night. In the morning, I awake with delightful soft lips!



Another miracle worker is the “Calendula toner”. The main ingredient is Marigold, which calms and refreshes the skin. It helps me beat impurities without de-hydrating my skin. I like the bottle, because it’s see-trough. This way you can see the real flowers in the tonic. Now and then, I find flower leaves on my cotton pad; can you get more aware of the fact you’re using a product with natural ingredients? ;-)



Last but not least, I want to advise people with combined or oily skin to try the “Rare earth deep pore masque”. The main ingredient is Bentonite, which is clay from Wyoming, USA. The clay is easy to spread on your face and dries quickly, which makes the use of the masque user-friendly. The clay absorbs sebum and minimizes pores. I was amazed to discover my pores were really smaller after my first use. I highly recommend this!


Besides skin care for men and women, Kiehl’s also offers a wide range of perfumes, bodylotions, deodorants, shaving products, sunscreens and shampoos. Tobia and Line are super friendly and are happy to give you advice. And did I already tell you that the products are amazing? There’s nothing holding you back from a visit!


Kiehl’s store, Koestraat 18, 9000 Ghent.
Open from monday till saturday from 10 till 18 o’clock.





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