Say emojiiiii!

Girls just wanna have fun and the more fun, the happier we are. In this case? Gimme a C, gimme a R, gimme an A, Z, Y!

Crazy? Hell no! Working on a cool project with Bué the warrior made me do a fun thing in between. That’s where I discovered that water decals are the bomb. In my second book Happy Nails 2, I’m explaining the advantages of using these decals over nail art stickers. For more info, turn to those happy pages.


Meanwhile I looked for the best materials and have been testing out several topcoats to come with the best formula.

nailart-emoji-099More news about my ‘Happy Decals’ is coming soon. For now, we had a double portion of F U N.

 nailart-emoji-103 nailart-emoji-104

Elfi: ‘I just love decals. It’s so easy to use and every girl can add that simple effect on to her nails that will blow others minds. These emojis are way too cool and prove that it works for each type of girl.’

 Gladys: ‘Emojis on your paws? Can it get any cooler!? Thanks to the wonderful Elfi, I’m rocking my favourite emojis on my nails. This makes me and everybody around me smile from ear to ear!’


More info, more fun coming soon… Stay tuned & C U T E!


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