Summer Discovery ‘Lip Tar’

June 28 and 29 I was SUPER excited to go to IMATS London. IMATS stands for International Make-Up Artist Trade Show. It is a huge convention for make-up artists and make-up lovers from everywhere. Brands such as MUD, Makeup For Ever, Zoeva, MAC and NARS sell and promote their products at very discounted prices.

Besides the whole shopping and discovering experience, you can also try out some workshops from famous make-up gurus such as Pablo Rodriguez, Carla Powell and Einat Dan. Despite my plan to only visit IMATS for a day, I ended up spending two full days at the makeup convention. There was too much to explore in makeup paradise!

I’m glad I stayed, because on the second day, I discovered these special little tubes of high-pigmented lip balm: Lip Tar. Lip Tar belongs to the product range of Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics (OCC), a brand with 100% vegan and cruelty-free products (link:


Lip Tar comes in three different textures: matte, metallic and stained gloss. Because Lip Tar is available in almost every color, it was a hard job for me to choose (choosing is losing!).

I tried out all kinds of colors and eventually went for tree matte tars:

• Aquatic blue: ‘Pool Boy’ – because it’s peculiar
• Neon popsicle red: ‘Harlot’ – because everyone should have a classy red (MUST-HAVE)
• Vibrant lavender purple: ‘Rollergirl’ – because everyone fits with purple lips and it’s just a little more special than the classy red ones.

Lipstick-lpart-liptar-make-up-beauty-vegan02I also purchased one stained gloss (for when I get tired of the mattes and would like to give my lips a shimmer). The decision to go for lip tar and not any other sort of lipstick from the represented brands at IMATS, was not a hard one. The pigmentation, the awesome colors, the excellent texture, the fact that’s it’s so easy to apply and the eco-friendly ingredients had me convinced in an instant.

Lip tar is so high-pigmented, that only one drop of the product is necessary to cover both upper and lower lip. For application, you can either use a lip brush or the tip of your finger. And the less you use, the longer it holds, I was told by the representatives of OCC. I know, almost too good to be true. But after trying it out myself, I can guarantee they were right: six full hours of classy red lips without fading (one lucky girl and good for the wallet). Every other lipstick I tried – and believe me, there were many – stayed for less than three hours. In that way I see lip tar as my ultimate summer discovery.

Lipstick-lpart-liptar-make-up-beauty-vegan03 Lipstick-lpart-liptar-make-up-beauty-vegan04

Another plus is the packaging: tubes are very hygienic to conserve beauty products. Moreover, they are handy to dose liquid products, such as lip tar. By pouring the lip tar on a palette, it’s also possible to blend different colors very easily and to create lip art like a pro. A tip I can give you all is to buy the primary colors of lip tar (true cyan blue, true balanced red and true primary yellow). By blending these, you can create every color of lipstick you want. And by adding the pure white or true black, you can make the color lighter or darker. Check out the color wheel to get your perfect lipstick color:

Lipstick-lpart-liptar-make-up-beauty-vegan08 Lipstick-lpart-liptar-make-up-beauty-vegan07 Lipstick-lpart-liptar-make-up-beauty-vegan06 Lipstick-lpart-liptar-make-up-beauty-vegan05

In my opinion, there’s only one negative aspect of the matte lip tar: it dries out your lips after a while. Therefore I recommend applying a moisturizing lip balm in advance, especially for people with dry lips.

So people, get tarred and shine (13,70 EUR per tube)!


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