Bringing the magic back to live music – Sofar Sounds

Sofar Sounds brings back the intimate and magical experience to live music. Located on secret and exclusive settings, Sofar Sounds takes place in more than… Read more »
1 minute readby Charlotte Monteyne

Get drunk in style – Ona is new in town!

A few years ago when I worked for WASBAR as a student, I met a very nice young lady full of ambition. Her name? Ona… Read more »
1 minute readby Sarah Parent

Our Festival Summer with Teva

Festival report: Best Kept Secret

Best Kept Secret Festival, situated in the beautiful nature park Beekse Bergen in the south of the Netherlands, is no longer a hidden gem as… Read more »
1 minute readby Delphine Otte

Wardrobe Essential: Wolford

Handmade in Ghent – Mc Rogers Bowties

Matthias Bogaert, 21 years old and a management student, is the designer and founder of Mc Rogers. Mc Rogers is the name of his timeless… Read more »
1 minute readby Sarah Parent and Delphine Otte

Eline Van Ree – East meets west

Eline is a Flemish fashion designer currently living in the chaotic yet beautiful city of Barcelona. Recently she launched her first women’s collection. In the… Read more »
2 minute readby Sander Vanermen

Bench #lovemyhood – 24h in Ghent with Sander

Lee Cooper presents: “The Makers SS15″

Trillers launches a clothing-line

Remember the article I wrote about the Trillers concept? I’m really “trilled” to announce that they are launching a unique clothing collection in ‘Heads or tails’… Read more »
1 minute readby Sarah Parent and Gert-Jan Vanhoorde


I’m sure that if you have ever been to one of ABSTRKT party editions, you will know how different and how detailed everything is. The… Read more »
1 minute readby Sarah Parent

Making a comeback: Scapa Sports

A Belgian label that totally slipped my attention the last few years was Scapa Sports. Growing up, this brand was more than popular. Their polo… Read more »
1 minute readby Karen Moreaux and Delphine Otte

Ghentstreets x

Great news everybody! I am so thrilled that I can FINALLY tell you that from today onwards, I will be writing about the fashion trends… Read more »
1 minute readby Karen Moreaux

My secret addiction: Eva Mouton

Eva Mouton is a Ghent based illustrator, but not the typical kind, the wonderfully wicked kind. I have been a fan of her since the… Read more »
1 minute readby Karen Moreaux

Avalanche – Handmade in Ghent

I would like to introduce you to this amazing label Avalanche from Ghent by using one of my favorite life quotes: “The ultimate sophistication is… Read more »
1 minute readby Sarah Parent

Let’s explore with Palladium

 Everyone has those brands that bring up a lot of memories from their childhood. To me one of the most important brands is Palladium. Our family… Read more »
1 minute readby Karen Moreaux

Maasmechelen Village

Even though Bram and I love to shop in our beloved Ghent, we sometimes have the need to explore new territory. On an otherwise dull… Read more »
2 minute readby Ghentstreets

Knack Weekend Blogawards

Ghentstreetstyle celebrates its third anniversary! Bram and I have been together for eight years! And on top of that, we are nominated for the Blog… Read more »
1 minute readby Ghentstreets