How to cartoonize your lips

‘Hey Hey Happy Nails’ is a new project of our very own nail artist Elfi and graffiti artist Bué The Warrior. A while ago, Elfi told me about this upcoming collab asked if I wanted to do her make-up for the photoshoot she was having for this project.

I was immediately ecstatic and decided to meet for a brainstorm session with our photographer Bram. Very colorful make-up and a photoshoot from Vogue Japan inspired us. All the models were styled like cartoons, such a cool effect! We knew we wanted to try something like that, so I did some research on cartoonising and drawing cartoons. A week later, Elfi got cartoonized. She posted a picture of her lips and we got a lot of positive comments on it. It’s a fun effect and actually not that difficult to create. With this tutorial I want to show you how you can cartoonize your own lips!

What you’ll need:
– lip pencil
– lipstick (use a bright colour!)
– black liquid eyeliner (I use cake eyeliner from MakeUpDesignory)
– white face paint (use the creamy kind, not the one you have to use with water)
– lip brush and eyeliner brush
– make-up palette and spatula (optional)
- cotton bud (optional)
Note: make sure your lips aren’t dry! If so, put on a lip balm 10 minutes before you start.

tutorial diy beauty-cartoon-lips-095

Step 1:
Use your lip pencil to outline your lips and get them in the shape you want. Keep in mind that we’re going for a cartoonized mouth, so you can overdo the size of your lips or make your cupid’s bow more visible. After outlining, colour both lips with the pencil.

tutorial diy beauty-cartoon-lips-096

Step 2:
Put your lipstick on. I highly recommend working with a lip brush, because it helps you to work more precisely.

tutorial diy beauty-cartoon-lips-097 tutorial diy beauty-cartoon-lips-098tutorial diy beauty-cartoon-lips-099


Well done! Now, you have nicely shaped and coloured lips. On to the cartoonizing part!

Step 3:

Take your black eyeliner. I recommend a liquid one and a thin brush, because this way you will be able to work very detailed. I like the cake eyeliner from MUD, because it’s easy to use and dries quickly. Draw the contour of your lips with the black eyeliner. Notice it will look very 90s… ;-)

tutorial diy beauty-cartoon-lips-100 tutorial diy beauty-cartoon-lips-102

Step 4:
Accentuate the lines you have naturally on your lips. Start drawing in the middle of your lip, going towards the inside of your mouth. It’s important to draw thin lines!
Finally, colour a thicker line on the inside of your lips.

tutorial diy beauty-cartoon-lips-104

Step 5:
Time to create the illusion of shiny lipstick! Take a bit of the white facial paint and draw a ‘spot’ on the left side of your upper lip, right under the black contour. Draw a second ‘spot’ on your under lip, this time on the right side (both spots have to be on the opposite sides of each other). I used the spatula for this step, but you can also use a cotton bud. Make sure you don’t rub the white paint on your lips, but just gently dab it. Otherwise, the white colour will become pink due to your lipstick.

tutorial diy beauty-cartoon-lips-105

Done, cartoonized lips!

tutorial diy beauty-cartoon-lips-094

Once you mastered cartoonizing your lips, you can level up by cartoonizing your whole face!
Re-read your old comic books or search for artists like Roy Lichtenstein on the internet and get inspired ;-) I wish you a lot of fun cartoonizing! BOOM! BANG! POW!

tutorial diy beauty-cartoon-lips-107


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