Fashion Envelopes

What to do with a pile of old magazines? Throw them away? Nah! Recycle is the answer! In this DIY, I’ll show you how to create envelopes made out of fashion magazines. A fun way to pimp your love letters, birthday cards, and so on!

You’ll need a magazine, scissors, glue stick, pencil and a template (download link)of an envelope. You can use an existing envelope and fold it open. Et voila, you are ready to get crafty!

1. Pick any page in a magazine you want to use for your envelope.


2. Place your template on the page and outline it with a pencil. You can download my template right here.


3. Cut it out.
4. Fold the flaps in to an envelope.
5. Glue the parts (left, right and bottom part) together.
6. DONE!



If you want your envelope to be thicker and stronger, you can make another template based from your previous one. You just have to make it smaller.
Place it on any kind of paper you want, cut it out, and stick it on the unfolded magazine envelope. Then follow step 4 and 5 and you’re done!

You don’t have to stick to fashion magazines only. Newspapers are also pretty fun!
Have fun and get crafty!

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