ABSTRKT: We had a blast

Last weekend, a few members of the Ghentstreets crew visited the ABSTRKT party in the Vlaamse Opera. And as things are not always supposed to be in the right order and parties don’t always have to start in the late evening, I will start with the conclusion of this article: it was extraordinary!

It’s as if the creators had in mind…

“Let’s be masters in creating an unforgettable experience”
“Let’s be graphic architects”
“Let’s make art work and let’s play with light”
“Let the lights be one with the music”
“Let us party as one big family”
“Let us create a unique atmosphere”
“Let’s make our audience diehard fans”
“Let’s focus on quality, not on quantity”

ABSTRKT party Ghent Minimal House Opera 03

The Opera in Ghent is without a doubt the most beautiful place I partied in. The loges and balconies are spectacular. The large spaces with ornate decors and incredible ceilings were amazing. ABSTRKT is a must for house music lovers in Ghent. The great DJ performances combined with the lovely location made this edition over-the-top. Thumbs up to the organization because of their modesty and professionalism. I cannot wait for the next edition and I am sure you won’t regret being there as well!

ABSTRKT party Ghent Minimal House Opera 01 ABSTRKT party Ghent Minimal House Opera 02 ABSTRKT party Ghent Minimal House Opera 04 ABSTRKT party Ghent Minimal House Opera 05

I’m just going to let the pictures speak for themselves. Enjoy and find many more on our Facebookpage.


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