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I think it’s safe to presume that most of you are already familiar with this new thing called Snapchat? What started as a social tool to send dirty pics to your friends has soon developed into one of the most popular social networks. It is mostly used to snap your friends with the most random, spontaneous things.


But there is more. Some are getting very creative with this new tool and are creating mini TV channels. My favourite channel at the moment is BickyTV. For our foreign readers: this is inspired by the legendary Bicky burger, the go to snack in the early hours of the night or any time really. With their trademark sauce there is truely nothing better.

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Bockie De Repper is the presenter of this TV channel. (Remember him?) Bockie challenges all these (drunk) youngsters to all kinds of Bicky challenges in exchange for a free Bicky or just gets very creative in upgrading the original Bicky with other ingredients found in the local snackbar. A must for all Bicky addicts!


Great news for all you locals! Bicky TV will be broadcasting live today at Frituur Emily’s in Ghent. You can exchange your healthy meal (only canned and packed goods – you can leave the veggies at home) for a Bicky burger. All the collected food will then be donated in honor of World Food Day. Meet Bockie between 19h30 and 20h30 at frituur Emilys’s, Zwijnaardsesteenweg 153, Ghent.

So drop by or just add Bickytv to your Snapchat! In case you missed an episode, check out their Facebookpage.

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