Festival report: Best Kept Secret

Best Kept Secret Festival, situated in the beautiful nature park Beekse Bergen in the south of the Netherlands, is no longer a hidden gem as the name suggest. It’s a cosy festival in the heart of a forest that started off three years ago. From then on, the festival is on the radar of every indie-, folk-, hip-hop-, electronics- and rocklover.


Last Sunday we visited the third edition of the festival and we loved it! The atmosphere is so relaxed: people were sunbathing on the beach, swimming in the lake, drinking on the beer island, swinging between two trees or simply chatting and dancing with each other. They all bought their energy in the several food trailers located on the festival area: from freshly baked pizza in a wood fire oven, to Mexican tortillas, biological chips, tasty shellfish and a lot of healthy fruit, juice, soups and salads. Even the famous, stuffed meatballs from Balls & Glory from our own hometown were present!

DelphineOtte_BestKeptSecret_006 DelphineOtte_BestKeptSecret_004

Not only the atmosphere and the food, but also the organisation was characterized by comfort and convenience. People who wanted to stay over and spend the whole weekend at Best Kept Secret could sleep on the campsite or in the more luxurious bungalow park. Buying drinks, food or merchandising was made very easy with the chip on your wristband which you could charge for any amount. And the guarantee of the cups made sure there was no waste and kept the festival ground very clean.

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Last but certainly not least, there was the music. The five, different stages welcomed approximately 95 artists, DJ’s and bands and pleased around 15.000 visitors every day. On Sunday we enjoyed the raw and slightly preaching lyrics and basses of the underrated Kate Tempest, we danced on the swinging synthpop of Future Islands and ignored the incomprehensible lines of the front man, Samuel Herring, and we appreciated the lightshow and the crescendo playlist of the Austrian band Sohn. Best Kept Secret ended his 3-days-festival with the beautiful music and the calming graphics of the beloved Alt-J.


Definitely till next year!

Report by Julie De Smedt.


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