A journey into the wonderful mind of illustrator Carll Cneut


A few years ago, I visited a market of children’s books. “Eén miljoen vlinders”, a story about growing up and falling in love, was the only book I bought. I just loved the illustrations of the main character – a little elephant – so much!  Luck was on my side, because the illustrator of the book, Carll Cneut, was there and he drew a little elephant for me in my book. I like him and his beautiful work even more ever since ;-)

“In my head” is an exposition at “Sint-Pietersabdij”, where the artist allows you to look behind the scenes of his life and into his head, the place where his creativity arises.

The expo begins by showing you hundreds of Polaroids the artist made each day for two years. Some pictures are showing parts of his private life, some are showing the visitor the process of creating illustrations for his latest books like “De gouden kooi”.
Next, the expo evolves into the world of Cneut’s youth. Trough your audio guide, you hear Wouter Deprez telling you funny, sad, scary or cute stories from Cneut his youth. The available languages are Dutch or ‘West-Vlaams’. During your journey trough a beautiful and interesting decorated world, you discover his childhood-fear of a witch who lived in a fishing pool and you learn about his infinite love for birds.
You get drawn into a traumatic accident where he almost lost his hand (thank god he didn’t!) and hear a nostalgic story about how his father taught him to draw “Micky Moes”.

Finally, you enter an exposition of Carll Cneut his paintings, which are absolutely stunning! It’s interesting to see his work hanging on a wall, instead of being printed in a book. You can see how precisely his paintings are and how little they are (I expected them to be larger). In my opinion, his work is even more beautiful this way than printed; you have to see for yourself!

On your way out, you are invited into the artist his ‘pop-up’ atelier. If you‘re lucky, you get to see him working on some new paintings or drawings!

“In My Head” -Carll Cneut
@ Sint-Pietersabdij (Sint-Pietersplein 9, 9000 Ghent)
Till the 2nd of may 2015

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