New in town: Modified

To modify – to change somewhat the form or qualities of something.


Modified. Modified. Modified. In case this name doesn’t already bring about loads of positive associations (such as exciting, innovative, fun, creative and so forth) – it is time to lecture you about this brand new concept. So here we go.

Modified is a conceptual event that aims to create unique events by altering, reshaping or modifying existing places. During each edition this modification will be realized by mixing up three key components: ART x MUSIC x INTERIOR DESIGN. The result of this cocktail is a multifunctional, holistic, coherent and utterly entertaining event.

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I already hear you thinking “so when will we get to know Modified?”. Well… This Saturday, March 5th, Modified will launch its very first edition at the Oude Vismijn in Ghent. And like any grand opening, this edition will definitely trigger your senses – it will make you ooh and aah like you’ve never done before.

So how will the three key modified-components (i.e., art, music and interior design) be brought to life? This is what you can expect:

ART. During this edition the component art will be a fashion exposition hosted by the extremely talented Zikini x Van Loo, WOLK, Deuxbelges, Lisa Hanze, Emely van Impe and Elegnano.

MUSIC. Appropriate and entertaining music will be provided by some of Ghent’s greatest DJ’s: Black Frank, Bafana, Eagl (also known from Trillers), Big Poppe, Lunar (founder of Abstrkt), Deliciaz and Matt.

INTERIOR DESIGN. The interior of the Oude Vismijn will be designed by means of an authentic, custom-made table, designer leather seats, Chesterfields, light visuals, temporary installations and much more.

Sounds great, right? Indeed, we’re excited and hopefully you are too. So go ahead and purchase your tickets here. See you there!!

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