Trillers launches a clothing-line

Remember the article I wrote about the Trillers concept? I’m really “trilled” to announce that they are launching a unique clothing collection in ‘Heads or tails’ the 9th of May.


As I already explained, Trillers is a community of people connected by the passion for the same music and lifestyle. This has resulted in events, parties, an online music label and now a clothing collection.

IMG_0215 IMG_0146

Trillers is all about expressing yourself and that’s something you notice in the daring styles of the crowd. Because Jef and Max felt this hunger to express their vision and lifestyle through clothing, they decided to create their own line.

IMG_0442 IMG_0235-bewerkt

What I really love about the collection is the fact that it’s classy, simple and black. Jef and Max chose for a black-on-black design because they wanted to create a minimal and clean look. They chose elements like leather-look sleeves, side zippers, an oversized long fit and a more expensive but durable stitching to give an extra dimension to the black-on-black design.

IMG_0187 IMG_0485

The collection is limited and every piece has its own unique number. I’m really curious if I will catch the number one on the 9th of May. Come and join us at the release and get your hands on your own very unique piece!


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