5 reasons to wear Essentiel

I am a maximalist. While almost everyone is loving the minimal normcore style that is dominating the streets right now, I can’t help but loving loud prints and an overload of accessories. So it should be no surprise I love the Belgian label Essentiel. Why? Let me give you 5 good reasons.


1. Essentiel is a Belgian fashion label.

We are proud of our beer, chocolate, waffles and french fries with mayonnaise. But us Belgians have to look further than food and have to be proud of our own labels. Fashion labels that conquer the world.

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2. Essentiel is literally made with love – “Love is essentiel”

Esfan Eghtessadi, the son of Nicole Cadine (fashion designer) shared his passion for fashion with Inge Onsea, his wife and the mother of their children. In  1999 the couple launched their first collection that consisted solely out of T-shirts. After only one year they opened their first store in Antwerp. Now, Essentiel has stores all over the world and is one of Belgium’s most successful fashion brands. A love story that became a life story..
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3. Essentiel’s ‘Je ne sais quoi’
Exotic and wild ideas are stimulated and the fabrics are just plain gorgeous. Every collection is different but it’s not difficult to recognize an Essentiel piece. Think bold colors, textures, prints,… Don’t be afraid to mix and match!


4. Essentiel is luxurious fashion for men and women
The brand is renowned for its floral and graphic prints and trendy mixed colors. Both men and women collections are accessible, classy and unique. What’s really attractive about the brand, is the fact that the pieces can be combined in a classic way or in a very sporty way. A high heel or a Nike sneaker will give an Essentiel outfit a totally different charisma.


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5. The price 
I can’t deny that I love to go shopping in fast fashion companies, but lately prices have increased a lot and on top of that, the chance that you will run into people wearing the same piece is incredibly high. Personally, I’d rather pay the added value and buy an Essentiel jacket that’s more unique…


In Ghent we are lucky to have our very own Essentiel Boutique in the Henegouwenstraat, but don’t worry, there are plenty of sales points all over Belgium – Europe even! Go crazy and remember: #loveisessentiel


All clothing: Essentiel & Wolford FW15
Accessories: Model’s own 
Pictures by the talented Alex Lavois and Make Up and Hair by Charlotte Monteyne.


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