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When I’m watching a movie -whether it’s an action film, a romantic comedy or a thriller- the thing that always catches my eye, better yet my ear, is the music. It re-enforces moments of sadness, sensation and suspense. It can make you feel invisible, wallow up with tears or climb under your seat from fear.


Too bad we don’t have a soundtrack to our life to support some of the best moments. Come to think about it, we can. Just plug in your smartphone, press play and listen to the music you want. Anywhere. Any time.

I always listen to music while I’m working, whether is writing a new blog post or thinking up new campaigns for brands. There are some songs that keep me inspired. Because sometimes it is not what you want to say, but how you want to say it to someone. An idea can be so clear inside your head, but putting it down on paper can be a hassle. That’s where music comes in handy to bring you to a certain state of mind, where the right words roll out spontaneously.

This is my list of inspiring work songs:

1. Paolo nutini – Iron Sky

2. Jack Garrat – Worry

3. James Bay – Hold back the river

4. Lapsley – Painter (Valentine)

5. Vallis Alps – Young

6. Josef Salvat – Open Season

7. Ben Howard – Small things

8. Christine & The Queens – Christine

9. Alt J – Nara


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