Bench #lovemyhood – 24h in Ghent with Sander

Bench asked us to be a part of their #lovemyhood initiative. Local bloggers from all around the world share 24h in their favorite city and we did this for Ghent. In the first part, Sarah shares a perfect weekend day for her in her favorite Bench outfits. To discover more visit the #lovemyhood blog.


I discovered the city of Ghent when I came studying here and immediately fell in love. Ghent is a unique place in the world because it’s filled with young creatives. This also results in lots of amazing spots that I can’t wait to share with you!


Clouds in my coffee, Dendermondsesteenweg 104,9000 Gent, 10am

I like to start my day with a good breakfast in the new coffee-shop Clouds in my Coffee. Located just outside the city center near Dampoort, It’s a little further but definitely worth the journey. Dampoort is a neigbourhood that is really rising at the moment. A lot of young people that can’t afford a place in the center have discovered this area and it is truely getting a second life. Near the Dokken, you see a lot of urban initiatives popping up.

Clouds in my Cofee is a place filled with true locals (no tourists to be found here) and is one of the best coffeebars in town.I already mentioned their great breakfast, but actually you can stop by any time of day for a great sandwich or soup over lunch or an amazing piece of pie in the afternoon. Make sure to give them a call if you want to pass by during the weekend. It can be quite busy.

Ramen Noedelbar, Oudburg 51, 9000 Gent, 1pm

Another great place to have lunch is Ramen Noedelbar. This lovely small restaurant serves noodles and is only open during lunch. Located in the historic center, it is the perfect place for a great long lunch with friends. Sadly you cannot reserve here, so be there on time.


Koperhuis, Kraanlei 27, 9000 Gent, 3pm

During the afternoon, I truely enjoy strolling around the city center and discovering new stores that are constantly popping up. My latest discovery – just a few minutes away from Ramen Noedelbar-  is ‘Koperhuis’: a place that sells furniture and accessories in a minimal style. Think of lots of wood, marble and copper and you’ll get the picture. The best part is the adjoining bar where you can enjoy a Gin & Tonic in a lovely interior.

 Rewind, Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 44, 9000 Gent, 9000 Gent, 3:45pm

My favorite stores in Ghent are both by the same entrepreneur Christophe Urbain. Rewind is a clothing store that started with just women, but has turned in such a great success that there is now a totally separate store for men as well. Rewind offers such a gorgeous Scandinavian selection that this store is known all over Belgium.


Humor, Bennesteeg 19, 9000 Gent, 4:15pm

Humor, the second store by Christophe Urbain is a true concept store with furniture, home accessories and some fashion for men and women. Every season they focus on a different clothing brand. I love this store not only for myself, but also for finding the perfect present.

Blanco Bike Luxury, Bennesteeg 7, 9000 Gent, 4:45pm

When you travel further down the small alley we call Bennesteeg, you will find Blanco Bikes, a pixie store and the place I come to fantasize. Blanco Bikes offers new and vintage parts of bikes so you can truely personalise your own model. Bikes are an important part of the lifestyle in Ghent. The center is small and filled with narrow one-way streets so to get around easily, a bike is the perfect solution. You truely notice that people invest more in their ride than they used to and Blanco Bikes truely offer the ‘crème de la crème’.


De Superette, Guldenspoorstraat 29, 9000 Gent, 8pm

To finish off an amazing day there is one winning combo: dinner and drinks. Ghent has different restaurants by young promising chefs called ‘the Flemish Foodies’. The new restaurant ‘Superette’ by Kobe Desramaults is the hottest at the moment. Well restaurant… It’s a little more than that. Most importantly it’s a bakery, but you can also eat lunch and dinner. The location is an amazing old supermarket (hence the name ‘Superette’). This concept is a true must for every food-lover. Breads can be bought troughout the whole day, but for a place for lunch or dinner you will have to make a reservation.

Jigger’s, Oudburg 16, 9000 Ghent, 11pm

For a great cocktail after a great meal, Jigger’s is the place to be. This tiny cocktailbar calls itself ‘the noble drug store’ and has won multiple prices for their concept all around the world. In impecibale suits, the bartendens serve you creations from their always-changing menu. With very limited seating, you have to make a reservation but believe me when I say this is a true experience.

The choice wasn’t easy. Ghent has so much to offer, but with these hotspots you will be able to truely experience life as a local. Warning: it’s very likely you will fall in love with this city like I did!


Outfit: All Bench: the Hayne backpack, the Passable jacket, the Goodihoo jumper, theWahwah V18 jeans and the Cut Out Palm t-shirt


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  1. Zalige adresjes, Sander :) De Superette en Clouds in my coffee zijn ook enkele van mijn favorieten!

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