Eline Van Ree – East meets west

Eline is a Flemish fashion designer currently living in the chaotic yet beautiful city of Barcelona. Recently she launched her first women’s collection.

In the booming heart of Spain, inspiration is just around the corner. It’s in the people you meet, the bar you’re working in or the stories you hear. Eline found inspiration for her new collection in the stories she read about French painter Balthus. He lived his final days as a monk in the mountains of Switzerland with his Japanese wife and daughter. In this specific mix of cultures and atmosphere Eline found her story: the translation of the final days of Balthus into her ‘Eats meet West’ collection. Combining the typical Japanese garments with a modern fit and colorful triangle prints.

Mathilda-99211 Mathilda-10026

Launching your own collection if far from easy. And living in Barcelona, the financial insecurity can be your best friend or worst nightmare. The city gave Eline that extra push to perceiver and get sh*t done. She actually feels less insecure and more free in Barcelona than in her home city Antwerp. Even with the financial insecurity, she’s less scared and eager to experiment with new things. If she stayed in Antwerp her collection might have never seen the light of day.

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Eline is one of those designers that can’t picture a time she wasn’t making clothes. When she was a little girl she always wanted to make her own doll garments and dress up friends with her outfits. Growing up in Antwerp, the fashion capital of Europe, her love grew fonder. She studied Fashion design at the Royal Academy before going to Brussels to study Interior Design.

Every item is handmade in Barcelona and the materials are dyed and printed by Eline.

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You can buy her collection in Scoop Store in Antwerp, Ivori in Barcelona,  not just a label and Meet My Designer. In August her collection will be for sale in l’habibliotheque in Paris. Stay tuned for her upcoming online shop that will launch June 20th!


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