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Not many people know this, but I just love to read. When I was little, I read on average 2 to 3 books every week and countless comic books. Over the years this has become my sleeping ritual. Every evening before going off to sleep, I read. It calms me down after spending most of my day behind my laptop or on my smartphone.


As a fashion lover, I do follow the books that come out about fashion or influential style icons. However I am always skeptical. I always wonder if it is truly good or just a pretty cover? That’s why I decided to share with you my personal review of some well-known fashion books that have come out recently.

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  1. Alexa Chung – IT


I love Alexa Chung. I love her personal style. I love her personality. Seriously, just add her on Snapchat, she’s hilarious! She is one of those people I would love to meet and go out with for a night. Writing however is not one of Alexa’s talents. The book is basically “Which it-girls have influenced this it-girl’s style?” An overview of many style icons and why Alexa finds them inspiring. Everything stays very cliché. I would call this book ‘just a pretty cover’. Sorry Alexa!


  1. Caroline De Maigret – How to be Parisian


Caroline has been a style icon of mine for many years. I love her rock ‘n roll edge and tomboy style. She is truly unique and the embodiment of Parisian style. So when I heard Caroline decided to write this book I jumped for joy. The book is very light and fun to read and talks about all the typical clichés we expect in Parisian style. ‘A Parisienne always wears a black bra under a white shirt’ etc. It’s funny but never really suprising. I can’t say I have learned something new about Parisian style, but at least it was a fun journey.



  1. Grace Coddington – A memoir


This is without a doubt a must-read. For those of you who don’t know Grace Coddington: she has been the creative director for Vogue US for many years. She worked right underneath Anna Wintour (aka. The devil wears Prada) and is responsible for many of the legendary shoots with Peter Lindbergh or Annie Leibovitz. Grace is very openhearted in this book about her personal life and about her professional career. You get a true glance how it is working for a magazine of this caliber with all the frustrations, discussions and fun times. Grace is a true inspiration. PS: if you want to know more about Vogue US, the film documentary ‘The September Issue’ is a must-see. They film in the Vogue US offices when they are walking on the most important number of the year: The September Issue.


  1. Anna Nooshin – On Top


Anna Nooshin is the brain behind über-popular Dutch site NSMBL. I had the pleasure to meet her on the book launch in Antwerp and immediately loved her. She is very open and down-to earth so I was very excited to read this. Especially since it promised on the cover to contain some guidelines for online success. So you can imagine my surprise to see this is not at all what it’s about. I guess you can call it a memoir in which Anna leads you trough her life. How she came to the Netherlands at 7 as a refugee and about all the shitty jobs she did when she was young. There is even a whole chapter on relationship advice. As a blogger, I can’t say I learned some helpful tips on how to become more successful online, but it was fun to read. Anna truly is an inspiring person with an interesting story.


So tell me, do you have any tips for me? Any books that are must-read for anyone who’s interested in fashion?

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