Get drunk in style – Ona is new in town!

A few years ago when I worked for WASBAR as a student, I met a very nice young lady full of ambition. Her name? Ona Rombaut, sister of the famous shoe designer Mats Rombaut.


Because of her fantastic ideas and goals, I immediately had this feeling she was the kind of girl that would start up her own company one day. And I was right! Ona just opened a very cozy wine bar at the Nederkouter in Ghent – a few houses away from WASBAR – in the former PANORAMA coffee shop.
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The bar ONA (named after herself) could only exist if she was sure she could serve quality. So she became a certified wine steward. How cool is that? Ona is 26 years old and a real life enjoyer. She really wants to make her customers enjoy the smaller things in life and live in the moment. And of course share with them her passion for wine.


At the opening, I wanted to test her knowledge of wine so I explained her what tastes I really adore and she succeeded in bringing me a fine wine with the perfect combination of ingredients. Personally, I couldn’t he happier with this new bar in our beautiful city. Now we no longer have to worry about driving after tasting a selection of fine wines. We can just walk – or crawl – home. On top of that, with the great quality in wine they serve, we no longer have to worry about the ‘migraine-day-after’. We can truly enjoy our evening, and wake-up with a clear mind in the morning.

So go pay her a visit (she is open during the Gentse Feesten!): enjoy a great glass of wine specially selected to match your taste at a reasonable price, in a very nice environment. Ona grasped a chance to success with both hands; now grab your glass of wine! Cheers!

Nederkouter 71, 9000 Gent. Open Wednesday – Saturday: 14h – 23h, Sunday, 10h – 18h, Mondays close



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