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Matthias Bogaert, 21 years old and a management student, is the designer and founder of Mc Rogers. Mc Rogers is the name of his timeless brand and is an ode to his grandfather, who always lived his life in a very classy way.  


While having prepared his exams in December 2014, Matthias realised the fact that there was a lack of qualitative and unique bowties for men in the Belgian market. And why not bridging this gap by himself? Matthias decided to buy a small sewing machine and to collect old fabrics so that he could create his own bowties.

DelphineOtte_McRogers_015 DelphineOtte_McRogers_014

Although he thought he was acting very inexperienced, he managed to create extraordinary bowties, perfect for a killer look. His family and friends were very enthusiastic and the first orders came in. Could this really become a success?


Matthias decided to make more of them and try out different styles. He didn’t only work with cotton anymore but with more specific and more expensive fabrics to create new lines and new style categories.

DelphineOtte_McRogers_006 DelphineOtte_McRogers_004

Matthias now comes out with a more luxurious casino collection with sublime quality as core value. He’s also working on new bowties for autumn and winter. It doesn’t stop there… Mister Rogers also customizes bowties so that real fans can have a certain bowtie no one else will ever have and wear.

DelphineOtte_McRogers_011 DelphineOtte_McRogers_010

It’s really important for people to express their own uniqueness and personality and that’s what a management student certainly knows. Depending on the collection and fabrics you choose, the prices differ, but you can already buy a beautiful bowtie for 35 euros.

DelphineOtte_McRogers_003(2) DelphineOtte_McRogers_007 DelphineOtte_McRogers_005(2)

Do not hesitate to visit the website and the facebook page.


I’m in love with these bowties! Models Anthony Masson and Max De Vos also fell in love with Mc Rogers. The brands they are wearing: Brian Dales, ASOS, WE, Oakwood, Elvine, Essentiel, Zara and Scotch & Soda.


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