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We would like to introduce you to Davy Denduyver, the 24 year old designer behind Belgian label ‘Lost in the World’. What started as a small collection of printed shirts, is quickly evolving into an innovative fashion brand and the future will be even bigger and brighter. Time to get to know more about LITW and the inspiring creator behind it. Time to get lost in his world.


We invited Davy over to Ghent for the interview. He loves our beautiful city and studied graphic design here at LUCA School of arts. But he grew up near Bruges. He hand-screenprinted the first pieces of LITW in the basement of his highschool. Now that he is graduated, he focuses full-time on ‘Lost In The World’, working on getting it to the next level. Until this day there have been 7 collections already (not including collaborations and special releases). He dedicated the past year on the quality and production process of the clothing and therefore skipped one fashion season. But our patience will be rewarded. Davy is ready to showcase a brandnew and more upscale collection in just a few months. We will keep you updated, don’t worry!
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Lost in the World is named after a song on Kanye Wests fifth album ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’. The idea and motivation for Davy was the passing away of his father during high school. It made him realise that time doesn’t stand still and life is all about turning negative influences in positive things. Lost in the World stands for a certain attitude towards life and expands beyond fashion and graphic design. Davy is also experimenting with film and is very inspired by music. He’s dabbled in video for his collections before but is currently putting  as much focus on shortfilms, installations etc as on clothes. Starting from 2017, he claims LITW is more of never-ending art project than just a clothing brand, and something as simple as the brand’s Instagram proves his points. Davy will be starting 2017 with the freshly announced collaboration with Ghent based music collective Live Fast Die Young which will be unveiled at an event on the 1st of April in Ghent with more info to be announced soon.

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The hardcore punk scene is one of Davy’s biggest inspirations, something people like Kanye and his creative team haven’t been afraid in the past year or so either. He loves the look of oversized shirts and explicit prints. He draws a lot of inspiration from Raf Simons earlydays menswear collection. ‘Raf is a genius in the placements of his prints.’ Currently, he’s listing following US brands Pleasures, Brain Dead, Off-White’s womens collection and Asian ‘Thisisneverthat’ as just a few of the brands catching his eye.


For the new ready to wear collection, we will need a little more patience. But Lost in the World also has an interesting side-project: Upside Down. Basically, you hand over your favorite jacket/shirt/sneakers/… to Davy and he will customise it: shred it, paint it, dye it,… This has led to beautiful results that can be found here. If you are interested in your own one-of a kind piece, you can contact Davy here.


Davy is wearing  a vintage dungaree, sweater by Anti social social club, sneakers by Adidas x Pharrel Williams, socks by Stance x Gucci Mane, his very own dashing blue hair and 10 tattoos of which most are by tattoo artist Guy Rubicon.

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