Make-up artist Charlotte X Photographer Delphine -Part 2

As I mentioned last time, I’m so happy to be part of Ghentstreets. One of my favourite things about being part of this team is to have so many talented and creative people surrounding you! We all have our own skills. If you ask me, I really think our Ghentstreets-crew rocks!

One of our teammembers, Delphine Otte, is a great photographer. I love her style and eye for natural light. As a make-up artist myself, I wanted to do a shoot with her from the very beginning. We decided it was time to finally join forces and had avery productive day shooting four models and creating 4 different photograph series.
We wanted to share the results with you and are curious to hear what you think!

Today We share with you our last two models Rupa & Christophe.

Delphine_Otte_Charlotte_Monteyne_Rupa_2logo Delphine_Otte_Charlotte_Monteyne_Rupa_1logo

My lovely friend Rupa is a gipsyqueen! I think she’s a really beautiful girl and I love her style very much. I was so happy she wanted to be my ‘Gipsy’-model, because I could play with many colors on her darker skintone. Holla bella!

Delphine_Otte_Charlotte_Monteyne_Spreej_2logo  Delphine_Otte_Charlotte_Monteyne_Spreej_3logo Delphine_Otte_Charlotte_Monteyne_Spreej_1logo

If you ask me, I think my boyfriend has a photogenetic face. I already did his makeup for some shows and photoshoots (he’s a musicartist), so I was very happy he wanted to be my male model for this shoot! I created a clean look, accentuating his cheekbones.

Follow the personal work of photographer Delphine on het Tumblr and my own make-up adventures on my facebookpage. But no worries, more collaborations will follow!

Did you check Part 1 of this collaboration already? 

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