Wardrobe Essential: Wolford

As true fashion lovers, we are often drawn to the most loud, trendy and innovative brands. But we all know that we need our perfect basics to wear with these crazy pieces.

Getting a little older, I often use the ‘cost per wear’ – principle when I go shopping. And let’s face it, there is nothing you wear more than good tops, pantyhoses, bodies, underwear,… That’s why there is no better feeling than to invest in them.

I was introduced to the brand Wolford by my good friend Viktoria. Honestly, I knew the brand before but I never payed much attention to it, just because at first sight it didn’t stood out. The first piece I got was a pair of classic Wolford Pure 50, an essential in wintertime. With the perfect amount of sheerness, support and comfort I was immediately sold. On top of that, it was my first pair of tights that didn’t tear after more than 2 wears. I quickly wanted to know more about this brand!

DelphineOtte_Outfit4_002 IMG_2335

For this spring there are other pieces we all need. The perfect nude tights – for when your legs are not quite summer-ready. The perfect tank tops – to wear with your favorite high waisted jeans.  So that’s what I decided to go for! The skintone panties are nude tights that are truely invisible thanks to the wide range in colours. The pure tops in nude tones are perfect for this summer and honestly so soft that you don’t want to take them of anymore. Enough said: this has definitely become a lovebrand of mine and now it’s time for you to discover it as well! Believe me, it will be worth every penny!


All images were shot in my bedroom in my favorite IKEA Bekkestua bed. I’m wearing leather perfecto by Sandro, leopard dress by Ba&sh and gorgeous summer heels by Avance.

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