When you walk around our beloved city, you have to pay attention. Sticker art can be found in every little corner and one particular sticker can be found EVERYWHERE.

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When I first ran into it on my way to work, I didn’t understand. Every morning I would break my head over this very simple sticker with the message ‘TSE-MA-NIE”. Is it a foreign language? Do you have to read it backwards? Does it has to do with the Tsetse fly? Until it suddenly hit me. It was so simple. It was the phonetic spelling of ‘I don’t care’ in our local dialect!


With a little help from my friends, I was finally able to track down the creators of this brand. Actually it’s not really a brand, but – as the Facebookpage taught me – a way of life. The creators (who prefer to stay anonymous) started Tsémanie as a simple joke.


They printed some shirts and it quickly became a true hype. Now everyone that relates to this philosophy can buy their T-shirts and totebags and LADIES – I am very happy to tell you they now have crop tops as well!

13226846_293953404270797_7798691567118121373_nFollow all the Tsemanie stories on their Facebookpage and order your shirt here!

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