Baroque photography – Christy Lee Rogers

I was strolling trough the World Wide Web, when suddenly I came across some beautiful paintings. These artworks looked like they’re baroque, but after looking more closely, I noticed these pieces weren’t paintings, but photographs!

The creator is the American self-taught photographer Christy Lee Rogers, who made it her signature to photograph sensual posing people in colorful fabrics underwater.

Rogers’ models are mostly dancers and synchronized swimmers. She photographs them while they’re underwater making movements with colorful cloths. The photoshoots are always at night in dark swimming pools, only using some extra lightning on the bodies itself.

18_8107 rogers_3157_breathless

The artist descibes her working process as “a rough process”, because of the constant movement of the bodies, fabrics and continually changing light. The water is a medium you can’t tame, but which creates magical results you can’t get anywhere else out of the water.


Rogers spent a lot of time in Paris, wandering trough the streets of the magical city. She lets herself get lost in its old history, rich architecture and art. These experiences and impressions were her inspiration for her latest work.

Christy_Lee_Rogers_The_Innocents Christy_Lee_Rogers_Nightingale

When I look at her photographs, I’m falling in love with how she gets these beautiful colors brightening up from the darkness of the water. The weightless bodies in sensual poses are giving me a dreamy, hopeful, jet fragile impression…While the strong poses seem violent, chaotic and fearful to me… I really like the contrasts in her work!

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