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Bram and I have been living together for over 4 years now, but never really invested in our bedroom situation. Result? We have been sleeping on a simple base bedframe all this time. I must admit it does have his charm. It instantly gives you that boho Parisian feeling. But after a while, we do started craving a real bed…


Inspiration-beautiful-bedroom-ikea-bed-matras-04 Inspiration-beautiful-bedroom-ikea-bed-matras-05 Inspiration-beautiful-bedroom-ikea-bed-matras-07 Inspiration-beautiful-bedroom-ikea-bed-matras-010 Inspiration-beautiful-bedroom-ikea-bed-matras-012 Inspiration-beautiful-bedroom-ikea-bed-matras-013

Deciding on what we wanted, was rather hard. Bram and I are still renting at the moment so it’s not easy to buy furniture if you have no idea what your future house will look like. Pinterest was a great help to us. Going trough our favorite pins, we realised we both love a more neutral, cosy style with statement pieces (check out our board here).We decided we wanted our bed to be a cosy neutral frame on which we could experiment with different styles in bedding and cushions. A trip to Ikea made our choice very easy. We immediately loved the BEKKESTUA bed combination:  a luxurious boxspring combination, with sleek metal legs, a timeless, classy and cosy bed.



As the pictures show, it makes quite a difference. Suddenly our bedroom looks very grown-up and cosy and a big plus: our cat Louis is a big fan as well! We decided to go for the beige linnen headboard that goes with the bed. A good choice because it gives you an instant hotel feeling and it it’s the perfect back-support to watch movies in bed during the weekend.

Of course I couldn’t help but make some more changes in the room. We added little carpets and opted for more modern white night stands. We also added the Barrel lamp from the young design label Ministry of Mass. These little changes that really made the bed stand out even more.

slaapkamer-inrichting-bed-kopen-matras-boxspring-02 slaapkamer-inrichting-bed-kopen-matras-boxspring-012    slaapkamer-inrichting-bed-kopen-matras-boxspring-017 slaapkamer-inrichting-bed-kopen-matras-boxspring-010 slaapkamer-inrichting-bed-kopen-matras-boxspring-016    slaapkamer-inrichting-bed-kopen-matras-boxspring-014 slaapkamer-inrichting-bed-kopen-matras-boxspring-015

I am really happy with how things are looking at the moment but of course it’s still a work in progress. We are still looking for the perfect lighting, the perfect big plant and I can’t wait to experiment with more adventourous bedding as well!


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