Amazing 6 years

Low res Bram Laebens fotografie




Every story has its ending and sometimes it happens much sooner than we expect it to happen. I’m very lucky to see my company grow and that is something I want to focus on right now. There was a big change in my personal life and that’s why I have decided to leave Ghentstreets. It was an amazing journey starting the blog 6 years ago till now. I have met some amazing people and will miss it a lot. Nonetheless Ghentstreets will have a great future. Keep following this blog and thank you everybody for the amazing 6 years!

As a goodbye, here are some of my favorite Ghentstreets moments.




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  1. Congratulations Bhram on your new endeavor and good luck! Hoping to meet you again in the future ;)

  2. Although change is never bad, this did make me sad. I started following this blog because of your art, I’ve always had a love for good photography. Good luck with the company and I’ll keep following your work!

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