The beat must go on

Imagine being a DJ – Deciding what kind of music the party crowd will be partying to, turning the party into an unforgettable experience or in worst-case scenario, one that’s easily forgotten. Standing in front of the audience, like a king giving a speech to his people. All eyes on you, all ears on your music.


Having a passion for making music is not determined by age or gender, but by having the patience to never stop practicing. You listen to music before you go to sleep, when you wake up and even when you are choosing your favorite food in a grocery store – it’s like you actually breathe music and the music breathes you.

I would like to present you to two really fascinating deejays from Ghent, who started already very early with making beats on big parties in the area of Ghent.

Simon DJ Ghent Party Electro

Simon De Waelle (18) or Simon Says already started with his career at the age of 17. After his first party, he received a lot of requests and by that, he immediately had a boost to continue his journey of music. Parties//bars//events like Flora Beats, Jungle Party, Wazzzapi, Merelbeke Beach, Fosnoize, I love summer, Twitch, Le Blue, Cirque du soleil and Culture club put Simon in their line-up. Simon’s style depends on the event and the audience, but what you can expect is a mix of different styles (House, Electro, EDM, Progressive House, Commercial, Deep House, R&B, Lounge,..)

Simon’s favorite style is Electronic dance music (EDM), but not everyone is a big fan of this style, so that’s why Simon always goes in the mix with more popular music (like a real DJ).

Simon De Waelle DJ

Simon’s biggest example is Hardwell and his favorite song is Spaceman. Because of him, Simon found his big love for music so as a thank you, he always puts the number Spaceman in his sets. It’s important to have dreams and to strive for bigger and that’s why Simon hopes to be a DJ at Tomorrowland or in a Club in Ibiza one day. His biggest motivation is his audience, dancing with a big smile to his music and having the time of their lives. He’d like to thank his brother Thomas for the taking the role as manager so that Simon only has to focus on his music and not on the bookings. Simon is still young but playing the support act of Yellow Claw is a really big start already.

Victor Dewildeman DJ Wanvel Ghent

In his favorite Klub Xlll, we can find Victor Dewildeman (20) or Wanvel. Victor already started DJ’ing at the age of 15 and has an amazing ear and sense for music – good music. After a short period, Victor played his first live set for more than 700 people in the Culture Club. But Victor takes it one step further than DJ’ing. He is also interested in producing his own music. This is how his first progressive house releases ‘Nebula EP’ and ‘Singles’ were born. At the age of 17, Victor got the chance to perform in one of Spain’s most famous clubs Disco Bataplan in San Sebastian. With an audience of more than 1,500 people, dreams became reality. His second international booking was in Norway. At that time Victor still played under his alter-ego ‘Laurent Davidsson.’

Dj Victor Dewildeman

In 2013 and under the influence of Belgian house legend Maxim Lany, Victor created the alter ego ‘Wanvel.’ A new name, to start a new chapter in which Victor focuses more on playing house, lounge and techno music than on EDM. At this moment, the first Wanvel releases are around the corner and he is performing with big names such as Watermat, Maxim Lany, Martin Garrix, Lazy Jay, Wolfpack, Murdock etc. Victor’s journey is obviously just the beginning of a long trip.

Don’t stop the music – the party must go on!



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