For those who don’t know me, I am a streetstyle photographer. I just love to go to Paris, Milan or any other city searching for fashionable people on the streets. I’ve done this for the past 5 years now and I’ve noticed that while I’m streetstyling, I have a new fascination.

Every time I see someone wearing headphones I can’t stop wondering what music they are listening to. Sometimes they walk on a certain rhythm or they just sit on a bench for hours. Could the image and the mood of that person be connected to the song they are listening to? It’s time to take my camera and find out. Let’s call it soundhunting.

Toon music inspiration new streets photography Bram Laebens

Name: Toon
Student: Industrial engineer
Listening to: Brihang – periode jalisco

“I discovered Brihang this summer on StuBru radio. It’s a Belgian rapper from West Flanders. I really like Hip Hop music but I also listen to Jazz and Drum&Bass music. I use the Rocketplayer app on my Android smartphone because it simply works much better than the standard Google player.”

Quinten new music streets phill collins

Name: Quinten
Student: Law school
Listening to: Phill collins – In the air tonight

“To be honest I feel a bit caught. Normally I listen to deep house music. Now and then I need a bit variation. Some periods I listen to old school hip-hop, other periods I can really enjoy some metal music”

Verona actrice Music soundhunting Inspiration

Name: Verona
occupation: Actrice
Listening to: Daan – Swedish designer drugs

“I heard this song on the radio today and felt a bit nostalgic. It remembers me to a production we have used this song for. Music is important for me. Especially when I go running, I really need some wrong hard style music to motivate myself while running. Something like DJ Coone (she blushes).”

Matthieu Techno music inspiration

Name: Matthieu
Occupation: Works at Jack and Jones
Listening to: Henrik Schwarz – Where we at

“I know this song from a party at the DecaDance club. Techno music is my favorite music. Dj Marcel Dettmann is for me the worlds best DJ. In February I’m going to Berlin. It will be my very first time so I’m really looking forward to this trip ;).”


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  1. Geachte Bram,

    Er is een klein foutje geslopen in de tekst. De favorite artist moet zijn Marcel dettmann in plaats van deadman.
    Voor de rest super interview en super coole site!!!

    Groetjes Matthieu

  2. Zalig concept Bram! Ik vraag mij dat ook vaak af wanneer ik iemand met oortjes in of een koptelefoon aan zie ;-)
    (Maar kan mij dan wel ergeren wanneer de muziek van iemand die naast mij in de trein zit te luid staat, oeps)

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