Ministry of Mass: Timeless Industrial Design

Meet David: the creative mind and hands behind Ministry of Mass, a Ghent-based industrial design brand. David is a lot of things: a true ‘Ghentian’, a… Read more »
2 minute readby Sander Vanermen

Creating music – creative spaces

Remember our last beautiful summer at DOK? Over the past few years we’ve seen an exciting development of reclaiming abandoned sites and turning them into… Read more »
1 minute readby Tom Van Haute

Last call: Berlinde De Bruyckere @ S.M.A.K.

Bedroom redecorating

Bram and I have been living together for over 4 years now, but never really invested in our bedroom situation. Result? We have been sleeping… Read more »
1 minute readby Karen Moreaux

Awesome (t)working music

When I’m watching a movie -whether it’s an action film, a romantic comedy or a thriller- the thing that always catches my eye, better yet… Read more »
1 minute readby Sander Vanermen

All of the lights – Ghent Light Festival

Baroque photography – Christy Lee Rogers

I was strolling trough the World Wide Web, when suddenly I came across some beautiful paintings. These artworks looked like they’re baroque, but after looking… Read more »
1 minute readby Charlotte Monteyne

Soundhunting #2

When I found out about Bram’s new idea of soundhunting, I was sold immediately. I love to discover bands and DJ’s I’ve never heard of… Read more »
2 minute readby Aurelie Vermeulen

New Project: My Wood Case

For those who don’t know, Ghentstreets is powered by MonkeyMonkey bvba, a company I founded with my best friend Arend in April last year. But… Read more »
1 minute readby Bram Laebens

Weekly Inspiration: The Perfect Basics

To inspire you in this time of sales, I have created an inspiration post for you with some of the basic pieces I can’t live… Read more »
1 minute readby Karen Moreaux

Most awesome apps of 2014

How long has it been since you bought a CD to install programs like Word? Not so very long, but it already feels Iike ages… Read more »
2 minute readby Sander Vanermen

Tattoo portrait – Montana

It’s funny how one morning you wake up and make the decision of getting that first tattoo. I thought about it for years before I… Read more »
2 minute readby Sander Vanermen

Beauty Essentials

Hello 2015! A New Year comes with some new resolutions. An important one for me is cleaning out my beauty closet (I have too much… Read more »
2 minute readby Charlotte Monteyne

Portrait: Marijs Vrancken

We would like to introduce you to Marijs, Belgian blogger and globetrotter. Marijs was a former blogger on Ella&Louise, but is now going her own… Read more »
1 minute readby Karen Moreaux

Beauty review: Eyeshadow palettes – pt. 1

Streetstyle: Tiny

I blame Phoebe Philo for making me crave all types of clothing that I would have never considered otherwise. Since she has become the creative… Read more »
1 minute readby Karen Moreaux

You are your own brand

Don’t be insecure about yourself. Express yourself and your talents. I love the fact that all people are different. I love how people have their… Read more »
1 minute readby Sarah Parent

GIFpop! – Custom GIF cards for everyone

GIFs have become thé way to express how we feel online. Feeling happy: send a GIF of a dancing cat to your friends. Ready for… Read more »
1 minute readby Sander Vanermen

Weekly inspiration: Streetstyle in Milan

Here is our new weekly inspiration post: The 2nd part of Bram’s streetstyle pictures of Milan Fashion Week. For those who have missed part one, you can check… Read more »
1 minute readby Karen Moreaux