Streetstyle: Britt Bergmeister

Strolling around the fashion district in Milan, we ran into Britt Bergmeister, a Canadian model signed at Next Model Management. Britt lives in New York… Read more »
1 minute readby Karen Moreaux


Zanerobe is an urban Australian brand established in 2002 by Leith Testoni and Jono Yeo. Unfortunately they don’t have a store in Europe (yet? #fingerscrossed),… Read more »
1 minute readby Sander Vanermen

Ryn Weaver – The perfect recipe for a hit single

I remember going on SoundCloud to listen to some of Cashmere Cat’s music, when I discovered a girl named Ryn Weaver featured on his page.… Read more »
1 minute readby Leonard Santos

Happiness is all that matters!

WHOA! It has already been a week… 7 days to be exactly when it ‘all’ started. It was on a ‘not so blue’ Monday when… Read more »
3 minute readby Elfi De Bruyn

Streetstyle at the Lee store: Bab

When we were visiting the reopening of the Lee Store in Antwerp, we ran into Bab. Bab is a TV-show host on KZOOM but she… Read more »
1 minute readby Karen Moreaux

Exploring the world of niche perfumes

The woody and chilly fragrance of September, the warm and safe scent of my mother, the sultry smell of the asphalt when it rains on… Read more »
3 minute readby Charlotte Monteyne

Fashion Envelopes

What to do with a pile of old magazines? Throw them away? Nah! Recycle is the answer! In this DIY, I’ll show you how to… Read more »
1 minute readby Gladys Dumez

Where travelers meet locals

Every time I passed by the former tabling office of newspaper ‘Vooruit’ in the Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat, I felt devastated. Dust and broken windows encountered me. ‘Too… Read more »
2 minute readby Aurelie Vermeulen

The power of cuteness

Cute animals, fluffy animations, colorful clothing and feel good jingles are taking over the world. One smile at a time, starting with the internet. What’s… Read more »
2 minute readby Sander Vanermen

A new start

It may be the end of Ghentstreetstyle, but this doesn’t mean Bram and I will disappear from the blogosphere. When we started this blog almost… Read more »
1 minute readby Karen Moreaux

The best feeling in the world is a warm pizza box on your lap

True that (!) cause every time I think of pizza my heart melts. Not that I want to get all cheesy…I think this warm, fuzzy… Read more »
2 minute readby Elfi De Bruyn

Glamorous grandpa’s

When I was on vacation, I stumbled upon the Instagram account of @fashiongrandpas. The account of the American Fashion PR lady Christina Belchere, filled with… Read more »
3 minute readby Sander Vanermen

Summer Discovery ‘Lip Tar’

June 28 and 29 I was SUPER excited to go to IMATS London. IMATS stands for International Make-Up Artist Trade Show. It is a huge… Read more »
3 minute readby Aurelie Vermeulen

Fade to grey

Bye bye brown hair! And hello to pink-grey-blond… call-it-whatever-you-want hair! Doesn’t my little sister look like a total babe with her new hair do? This… Read more »
1 minute readby Gladys Dumez

LIZ: An innovative throwback?

Let me introduce you to LIZ! LIZ is a new American RnB-artist, with ‘only’ 13.500 likes on Facebook and only 970 subscribers on Youtube. I… Read more »
1 minute readby Leonard Santos

The beauty of comfi zapatos – PAEZ

It is like a comfortable shoe can’t be stylish and a stylish shoe never is comfortable. Well, it seems like we’re wrong. Jules Vits, 23… Read more »
2 minute readby Sarah Parent

Let’s explore with Palladium

 Everyone has those brands that bring up a lot of memories from their childhood. To me one of the most important brands is Palladium. Our family… Read more »
1 minute readby Karen Moreaux


It’s my personal belief that style is something that runs in the family. It probably has to do with education. If you are around parents… Read more »
1 minute readby Karen Moreaux

Minju Kim

To our great surprise we ran into Minju Kim at the fashion show of the KASK. You may recognize her as the winner of the… Read more »
1 minute readby Karen Moreaux