My secret addiction: Eva Mouton

Eva Mouton is a Ghent based illustrator, but not the typical kind, the wonderfully wicked kind. I have been a fan of her since the… Read more »
1 minute readby Karen Moreaux

Weekly Inspiration: Streetstyle MFW

It’s time to start with our weekly inspiration posts: a new way for you to get inspired on Ghentstreets. This week we’ve made a list… Read more »
1 minute readby Karen Moreaux

DIY Cloud lamp

This easy do-it-yourself will show you how to make your own cloud lamp. Fluffy, white and bright. When I think of clouds, I think of… Read more »
2 minute readby Sander Vanermen

Cool Coat!

Perfect time to sit down in your comfiest pj’s, a hot chocolate and browse through all those online stores. And I’ve been looking for the… Read more »
1 minute readby Gladys Dumez

The mechanics of a good morning

It isn’t raining cats and dogs in this awesome Ghent based commercial. It’s raining fruits, cereals and other breakfasty things on top of countless bowls… Read more »
1 minute readby Sander Vanermen

The 90’s are back! – choker tattoo DIY

Give-away: tickets to the sold out ABSTRKT party

People waiting in front of their computers. People watching their clocks, counting down to six, waiting in the virtual row. Getting nervous and stressed days… Read more »
2 minute readby Sarah Parent

Streetstyle in Paris: Inès

We bumped into Inès when we were streetstyling in Paris and I love her look as much as I love her name. It’s not the… Read more »
1 minute readby Karen Moreaux

Helen B pops up in a passionate way

She makes all sorts of things and sells all sorts of things. She is passionate, she’s a mother, she’s an artist. Helen B opened a… Read more »
2 minute readby Aurelie Vermeulen

Ghentstreets Christmas diner

When we’re young, Christmas is something that is celebrated with family around us. The Christmas tree is beautifully decorated, with plenty of gifts underneath and… Read more »
3 minute readby Karen Moreaux

Bar x Shop x Music – Heads or Tails

The beat must go on


For those who don’t know me, I am a streetstyle photographer. I just love to go to Paris, Milan or any other city searching for… Read more »
2 minute readby Bram Laebens

PREVIEW: limited collection of unique Cat Cubes

Purr purr miauw! Let me introduce you to Delphine, the small and cheerful blond behind Cat Cube, a geometrical treat for both cats and owners.… Read more »
1 minute readby Sander Vanermen

Seduced by her voice and style – Siam

“Siam has a jazzy, sultry and warm voice. Seductively, yet playful her musicality takes you on a journey, guided by soulful beats.”   Siam is a… Read more »
1 minute readby Charlotte Monteyne

Mercedes-Benz Best Dressed Man 2014

Streetstyle in Paris – Anjulee

Let me let you in on a little secret of mine… My favourite season of the year is autumn. Maybe it’s because my birthday falls… Read more »
1 minute readby Karen Moreaux

Alexander Wang for H&M editorial

When I first heard that Alexander Wang was collaborating with H&M I swear my heart stopped for a moment. I still remember the moment on… Read more »
2 minute readby Karen Moreaux