Bench #lovemyhood – 24h in Ghent with Sarah

Bench asked us to be a part of their #lovemyhood initiative. Local bloggers from all around the world share 24h in their favorite city and we did this for Ghent. In the first part, Sarah shares a perfect weekend day for her in her favorite Bench outfits. To discover more visit the #lovemyhood blog.


I discovered Ghent in a very classic way, when I started studying here. Ghent is a true student-city, with the different departments of the University spread all over the center. This results in a very young, dynamic and creative vibe (and a great going-out scene, but more on that later).


Bar Bidon, Bisdomkaai, 9000 Gent, 9:35am

When the weekends starts, the first thing I do is go out for a great breakfast at Bidon. Bidon is a coffee bar near the city center, decorated with pixie-bikes. It’s also a great place to chill out, have a coffee and wake-up at ease. It’s the perfect start of a relaxing weekend.

Fithap, Vlaanderenstraat 113, 9000 Gent, 1pm

Sporty as I try to be, I do try to eat healthy (as a compensation of all the Burgers I eat when I go out). The perfect spot for this is Fithap in Vlaanderenstraat. The concept is easy: you can eat salads or wraps in 3 sizes: small, medium or large. They offer surprising combinations and for the true fanatics, they even mention the number of calories, proteins and so on. I love to get it to go and eat it at one of the most beautiful views from Ghent: Portus Ganda.


Portus Ganda, Julius de Vigneplein, 9000 Gent, 1:30pm

Portus Ganda is almost like a tradition here in Ghent. One of the favorite things locals like to do is to gather on a sunny day and have drinks with their friends. Just bring a bottle, some snacks and you will experience a great afternoon. The most well known place to do this (but also very touristic) is Graslei in the center. As it can get very crowded over there, the true locals know that they have be at Portus Ganda. It’s a port where people come to hang out with friends and enjoy the sun on the deck. It’s very calming, next to the water, with the boats passing by. It’s also a perfect place to run.

Twiggy, Notarisstraat 3, 9000 Gent, 3pm

After a light lunch, I often enjoy a little shopping in the afternoon. Ghent is definitely the coziest city to shop in with the stores all spread through the historic center. Ghent has a wide variety of stores. You will find the classic store chains and a lot of flagshipstores of big Belgian and international  brands. But I personally prefer to shop in all the amazing boutiques Ghent has to offer. Twiggy offers a great selection of fashion brands for men and women and has a great mix of casual and chic.

Suite, Hoogpoort 59, 9000 Gent, 3:30pm

For Belgian brands you have to visit Suite in Hoogpoort. This stores focuses on slow-fashion and truly believes in timeless designs.

Pand 13, Henegouwenstraat 13, 9000 Gent, 4pm

A little further down the road is another personal favorite boutique of mind, Pand 13. This store has a great mix of younger brands in Scandinavian or Parisian style.

Sevens, Henegouwen 38, 9000 Gent, 4:30pm

When I want to dream away Sevens is the place to be. This leather goods store is specialized in handbags for over 20 years and offers a great selection of high fashion brands. The best part they just recently opened a second store next door with a shoe selection that is just as good.


Cream, Hoogpoort 9, 9000 Gent, 5:30pm

A store that has been a true revolutionary in urban streets fashion is Cream. I always shop my Bench outfits here!

Cafe Gomez, Oude Beestenmarkt 4, 9000 Gent, 10pm

When the sun goes down, Ghent turns into a great place to go out but since parties start rather late, I like to go out for a pre-drink first. My new favorite place for this is Cafe Gomez, perfectly located near the party-scene on Oude Beestenmakrt. Cafe Gomez is a brand-new tapas bar in Ghent where people come to have a bite to eat and enjoy a great cocktail. It’s very fun to sit at the bar and when you look up, you can see beautiful chalk-artwork on the black ceiling.

Club 69, Oude Beestenmarkt 56, 9000 Gent, 12pm

Once you are truly in the mood, you can head-over to Club 69, which is just a few houses away from Cafe Gomez. Club 69 is a small club filled with very hip people and good music, the perfect combination for an inspiring and fun evening.

Millie Vanillie, Sint-Niklaasstraat 2, 9000 Gent, 2am

Another favorite is Millie Vanillie, located on the Korenmarkt. This pop-up club is located in a basement, which makes it small and cozy with happy vibes and perfect place to end a perfect day.

I told you all about my favorite places here in Ghent but the one thing I love the most about Ghent are the young entrepreneurs. They help Ghent turn into an ever-evolving city with new initiatives constantly popping-up. Every visit to this city will be different thanks to them. So don’t limit yourself to these places only. There is so much more to see!

Outfit: all Bench:  the Baddah leggings, the Suriah top, the Montuk bag and the Glorify jacket in yellow


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