Christmas shopping – Hotspots for her

Are you on a hunt to find the most original Christmas present for your best friend, girlfriend, mother, grandmother or any other special lady in you life? Check out these hotspots in Ghent and enjoy your shopping experience.

Rozen doen Blozen

Is your special lady someone who adores roses, the smell of roses or does she love romance? Anne-Catherine, the passionate owner of this cute little shop, will take you with her on her journey. You will find all kinds of special roses, vintage vases, bags, jewelry and much more.

Wijzemanstraat 6 – opened Friday, Saturday (10a.m.-5p.m.) and Sunday (11a.m.-1p.m.) – 09 279 39 92

Rozen doen blozen Louise en Madeleine

Louise and Madeleine

A shop full of cuteness, perfect for the woman who is in love with a cute kind of vintage style and handmade stuff. Jewelry, scarfs, coffee cups, linen, etc. all in white or pastel colors. A shop everyone needs to explore sometime.

Kraanlei 61 – opened from Tuesday till Sunday -



When you want to give an extra present in the rose theme, you can visit LUSH. There’s everything you need to spoil your loved one. Does she adore taking a long bath? Or is she a shower-person? In this shop you’ll find fresh handmade cosmetics; 100% veggie and 80% vegan. Do you like to take it to a higher level? Then go for the – beautiful and oh so Christmas – prepackaged presents. I certainly have never seen presents as beautiful as the ones at LUSH!


Langemunt 1 – opened from Monday till Saturday -


Helen B & vrienden

Is she a humoristic or artistic lady; does she like simplicity? Then you’ll find what you’ve been looking for at Helen B & vrienden. Check out Aurelies previous post to get inspired

Helen B

Serpentstraat 28 –


Le Petit Cirque

Getting tired of all the Christmas shopping? You can lay back, enjoy a nice cup of coffee and eat a homemade piece of cake at Le Petit Cirque. Yes, in this shop you can combine shopping and relaxing. It’s like paradise for people who adore vintage (second hand) furniture, nice gadgets and all kinds of interior items.

Le petit cirque

Burgstraat 147 –
Looking for a present for the man of your life? Check out our previous post.



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