Helen B pops up in a passionate way

She makes all sorts of things and sells all sorts of things. She is passionate, she’s a mother, she’s an artist. Helen B opened a shop in Ghent, and she’s worth a visit!

Helen B & vrienden pop up shop ghent 01Nearby Vrijdagsmarkt, there’s a lot to explore: the marketplace, cute little shops in the small streets, barista bars, vintage markets, and since a couple of weeks: one artistic pop-up store ‘Helen B & Vrienden’. You may know Helen B from her ceramics, the first things that stroke me when I entered the shop. The designs are simple, but honest and arose from the daily experiences from Helen. Her own favourites are the ‘beard men cups’. Helen told me that’s because her boyfriend has a beard and when she was sipping at her coffee in Clouds in my Coffee, she got inspired by other men with beards over there. As noted: simple and honest!

Next to her own merchandise, she sells all sorts of artistic things from 30 different illustrators from Belgium and other parts of the world. From blankets to postcards and from jewelry to tote bags: she sells it all! But Helen chose everything very carefully: ‘I only sell the things I love. I adore simplicity and a humoristic style. I like stuff that makes me happy, because life is already too serious.’ Saying that, she became a woman I adore!

Helen B & vrienden pop up shop ghent 09 Helen B & vrienden pop up shop ghent 07

Here’s is a list of Helen B’s favourite items from her own pop-up store (next to her own beard men cups of course):

  1. ‘You’re bloodly lovely you are’ card – artist: Faye Moorhouse // Because Faye dares to create artwork that Belgian people find shocking.

Helen B & vrienden pop up shop ghent 03

  1. Beard men sweater – artist: AHAHA // Oh, beard men she loves!
  2. Hand-woven plaids from Uruguay // Made by local women with merino wool, cozy and lovely.

Helen B & vrienden pop up shop ghent 04

  1. Apple cushions – artist: Studio Meez // Fun, cute and from Ghent!

Helen B & vrienden pop up shop ghent 05

  1. ‘Big wave dave’ poster – artist: MAT // The artist of ‘Daniël van dichtbij’. She loves the humoristic and cynical elements in his artwork.

Helen B & vrienden pop up shop ghent 06

Helen B & vrienden is not just a shop, it’s also a creative space for people who like to accompany Helen and her friends in the art-making process. Helen likes to organize different workshops, such as taxidermy and ceramic transfers.

Want to get inspired?

You can visit Helen B and her friends at Serpentstraat 28 (until the 31th of December) or you can find her online:





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