3th October, the 8th Late Night Shopping event held place in pretty Ghent. All the shops in the city were open till 10pm. Not only could you shop till you drop, but also have a drink or two (or more!), dance here and there or just enjoy the entire show outside on the streets.


I visited the Lee store in Ghent, where I had the opportunity to have a lil’ chat with the folks over there, check out their jeans collection with a glass of champagne and some Thang beats in the background. As a big lover for jeans and especially high waisted ones, I’ve tried out three pairs: a dark blue one (Skyler), a black high waisted jegging (Skyler) and low waist jeans in a blue-ish colour (Scarlett). And damn, they all made my butt look pretty nice! Another plus is that they are pretty comfortable to wear, because of the special stretch, which makes foodbabies in high-waisted jeans, yes especially those kind of jeans, bearable.

lee-late-night-shopping-gent-122 lee-late-night-shopping-gent-124 lee-late-night-shopping-gent-126

lee-late-night-shopping-gent-121Not only did I have a peek at the jeans, but also the Lee 125 Years Collection! Maybe you’ve already seen it on Facebook or on my Instagram, but how rad is this ‘WORKER’ sweater?

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