Ministry of Mass: Timeless Industrial Design

Meet David: the creative mind and hands behind Ministry of Mass, a Ghent-based industrial design brand. David is a lot of things: a true ‘Ghentian’, a night crawler with an eye for perfection and above all: a lover of the word ‘timeless’.


‘Timeless’ is exactly the word I would use to describe Ministry of Mass. David’s young company is now 3 years of age and filled with plenty of potential and fresh ideas. With Ministry of Mass, David wants to create quality objects made from rough industrial materials but with an eye for detail. Because “details are timeless” says David. And perfectionists know a thing or two about details!

Ministry-of-Mass-david-design-Ghent-creative-portret-by-Bram-Laebens-05 Ministry-of-Mass-david-design-Ghent-creative-portret-by-Bram-Laebens-07 Ministry-of-Mass-david-design-Ghent-creative-portret-by-Bram-Laebens-06

David studied at the Product Design Academy in Antwerp in 2012 and founded Ministry of Mass two years later. It’s thanks to his close friend and roomie Tom, that he found out about the course. But creating has always been a part of David’s life. As a toddler he loved drawing and fiddling with things. After his education he wanted to shape and design his vision on design, creating things coming from his own creativity and handwork, with as a result objects that embody what David believes in.

One of the things he loves is working with industrial materials such as concrete and metal because they have a certain charm. Instead of hiding parts, he emphasizes their industrial charm by showing every component in his design like cables, bolts and screws. All these details have a specific purpose and tribute to the charm of an object. It’s also a challenge for David to make a delicate and sophisticated product with such rough materials.

Ministry-of-Mass-david-design-Ghent-creative-portret-by-Bram-Laebens-02 Ministry-of-Mass-david-design-Ghent-creative-portret-by-Bram-Laebens-01

What’s the most fun about creating new objects for David? Meeting new people, discovering new materials and holding your first prototype in your hands. But above all: to witness the enthusiasm on people’s face when they see a new product. David is currently experimenting with new materials like marble, glass and ceramic. Working with different materials is the variety that fuels his creativity. His goal is to make liable products that offer an added value in the modern life of people in today’s society.


One important tool David has learned along the way is the importance of visualizing an idea or concept and make it understandable to others. “A good and clear presentation are at the heart of any good design” says David. A golden tip for anyone wanting to start creating.

Want to meet David or buy some of his work? He’s organizing an exposition together with his brother-in-law Friday the 13th of March in the Kleindokkaai 28 starting at 17:00. His brother-in-law, Philippe Van Gele is a painter that makes abstract artwork. They want to combine art and design to appeal to a broad variety. So both art fans and design freaks will get what they are looking for!

Barrel-lamp-Ministry-of-mass-photography-Bram-Laebens-01 Barrel-lamp-Ministry-of-mass-photography-Bram-Laebens02 Barrel-lamp-Ministry-of-mass-photography-Bram-Laebens03 Barrel-lamp-Ministry-of-mass-photography-Bram-Laebens04 Barrel-lamp-Ministry-of-mass-photography-Bram-Laebens-03

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