Pimp your nails with Happy Decals!

When happy nail-artist Elfi De Bruyn and cool cartoonist Eva Mouton decide to work together, you can be sure they will surprise you with some awesomeness. Together they created five different ‘Happy Decal’ collections to pimp your nails!

Are you a cat, dino-, mother- or unicorn-lover or more of the spiritual kind? There’s a collection for each one of you! And the best of it all:  It’s a piece of cake to pimp your nails with these decals!

I will show you step by step how you use them!


Stuff you’ll need:
-Happy Decals of your choice (I chose the kittycats and spiritual collection)
-Base coat
-White nail polish
-A pair of scissors
-Little bowl of water


Let’s get started!
Step 1.
Put a base coat and two layers of white nail polish on all your nails.

Step 2.
Get your pair of scissors and cut out the decal of your choice.

Step 3.
Pick up the decal with your tweezers and hold it into the bowl of water for six to ten seconds.

Step 4.
The decal will slide of the white paper. You can easily take it with your index finger and put it on your nail.
Tip: play with different decals on one nail! This way you can create some cool combo’s!

Step 5.
After putting the decal(s) in the wanted position on your nail, you put one-two layers of topcoat on your nail.


Repeat these steps on your other nails.
I wish you a lot of fun and a cool/cute/happy result!


Order your set of Happy Decals on Eva’s webshop or shop them at Beauty Queen (Ghent) and Confetti kinderboetiek (Schilde).

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