Soundhunting #2

When I found out about Bram’s new idea of soundhunting, I was sold immediately. I love to discover bands and DJ’s I’ve never heard of and expand my music repertoire. I see it as a small adventure. So on a very lazy Wednesday morning, Bram and I went on a second soundhunt on the streets of our beloved Ghent.

Music inspiration -soundhunting street style Gent

Name: Hubert
Listening to: Volumes – The Columbian Faction
Genre: progressive metal core

Our first ‘victim’, Hubert, adores all kind of genres. When we stopped him, he was in a hurry to go to class, yet he wanted to hear what we had to ask. “Cool that you’ve picked me out. I’m very happy that I’m listening to Volumes right now, because in my opinion metal should definitely get more public attention. A dash of metal notes in the morning gives me the energy to get through the day.”

Want to follow the advice of Hubert and get to know metal? You can check out Volumes at Ancienne Belgique Tuesday the 24th of March.


What music are people listening on the streets

Name: Amber
Listening to: Zareh Kan – Pure Life
Genre: techno

Amber, a shy, but artistic girl, loves to party at Decadance and the Art Cube. “I’m always searching for nice parties on Facebook to get to know more artists and DJ’s. Zareh Kan is one of them”. Next to techno, she’s also very fond of acid core and other hard music styles. To get in a happy mood and chill out, she turns up some house music. “By listening to music, I get more positive.” Happy tunes!


Photography Bram Laebens music soundhunting street ghent

Name: Katrijn
Listening to: Yann Tiersen – La noyée
Genre: soundtrack, classical piano

“Amélie Poulin is my all time favorite movie. It tells a beautiful story about a weird girl in the typical French atmosphere, which I love.” Katrijn even went to visit the café in Paris where Amélie lingered in the film. “Yesterday I couldn’t sleep and started to listen to the album, so now I just continue listening. These tracks are getting me in a good mood.”




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