Rosa & Claudio

Dit sympathiek koppel bezit een hoog x-factor gehalte. Rosa en Claudio, eigenaar van dit italiaans restaurant, zijn eenvoudig maar levendig gekleed.

This friendly couple  definitely got the x-factor. Rosa and Claudio,who owns this italian restaurant, are dressed simple but vibrant.


Dress: H&M

Hat: Fleamarket

Earrings: Bernard gavilan

Shoes: Adelante


Glasses: Fleamarket

Sweater: Supremebeing

Jeans: H&M

Tshirt: H&M

Shoes: From Barcelona


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  1. Simply gorgeus. Rosa is really pretty and Claudio is handsome. A wonderful couple elegant and trendy,
    In addition Claudio manages his restaurant Per Bacco as a great chef.

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