Emily Marant


When I spotted this girl outside the Isabel Marant show, I had no idea who she was. I just noticed her, because in my opinion she was the epiphany of a true Parisienne. Her outfit is simple and classic, but she wears it with such nonchalance that it becomes interesting. Her attitude, the gap between her teeth and the cigarette in her hand make this ‘allure Française’ only stronger. When we asked if we could photograph her, she willingly followed us to a quieter spot. At the very end, when I asked for her name, Bram and I were totally stunned by the answer ‘Emily Marant’. Daughter of the designer herself! Style clearly runs in the family…

Emily-Marant-portret-daughter-isabel-Marant-Photo-by-Bram-Laebens Detail-style-look-Emily-Marant Deatil-style-Emily-marant-Bag-Leather Black-Leather-Shoes-Street-Style-Look


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