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It may be the end of Ghentstreetstyle, but this doesn’t mean Bram and I will disappear from the blogosphere. When we started this blog almost 5 years ago, we never figured Ghentstreetstyle would grow the way it did. In the beginning it was a creative outlet for the both of us, a way to express ourselves and become part of the online world. Now we can’t live without Ghentstreetstyle. And while we still love streetstyle and will never stop streetstyling, we wanted to be able to share more with you. We are surrounded by so many creative and entrepreneurial friends that we decided to expand our Ghentstreetstyle-concept. We wanted to share their passions and obsessions with you. That is why we have selected a new group of blogmembers to make Ghentstreetstyle about more than just streetstyle. From now on we will post about fashion, beauty, design, streetstyle, interior, new hotspots and brands, music and much more on a daily basis.

And since we will be talking about a lot more then streetstyle we decided to proceed with a new name. Let us introduce you to Ghentstreets!

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