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As a streetstyler, I’m human and have a personal style, so let’s take a moment to focus on some of my own favorite looks from Paris.

1. I absolutely love the long fur coat with white booties. So unexpected but really refined and cool. But most importantly, it’s very easy to copy for this coming winter.

2. You may recognise Miss Olivia Palermo on the second picture? I am normally not a big fan of her style but I absolutely love this look on her. The white midi pencil skirt with the short fur jacket is really gorgeous. It’s a lot going on but somehow it really comes together.

3. My absolute favorite piece spotted at fashion week is the burgundy Alexander Wang jacket. Wang is one of my absolute favorite designers (I have been dreaming of his famous Rocco bag for years now. I call it the ‘Wangbang’). This jacket was one of my favorite designs of him so to see it in real life was absolutely impressive.

4. A final favorite detail is Anne Della Russo wearing the Balenciaga fisherman’s hat. I don’t know what it is about this piece but I absolutely love it… Maybe the fact that it’s a design by Alexander Wang may have something to do with it!

If you want to discover more about our personal style, be sure to check out Brams and my personal Pinterest page!

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