Sometimes it’s hard to get information out of some people.. This was not the case with Ruben. He likes to talk, so I just let him, through which I learned a lot of cool facts about him. In a short period of time, he has changed studies four times. He is a keen sportsman and has been skating for 13 years. He has worked for Nike and now works in the new Lee store in Ghent. He loves sneakers and buys a new pair every month. His Nike Air collection alone includes 40 pairs. He chose a special hairstyle because it’s cool, but also to hide his curly hair.


Ruben06-Fiets-Bicycle-in-the-CityRuben03-Watch-VoidThe coolest thing about him, is his bike that he made himself from scratch. It has taken months, but it was definitely worth it. I think it fits very well with his fluorescent jacket, which is actually the inside of the duck coat by Lee. His watch is from the Scandinavian brand Void. He is a big fan of Scandinavian brands but finds them, like us, a bit pricey.
In short: nice outfit, nice bike, nice guy!

Shirt: Lee
Jeans: Lee
Jacket: Lee
Watch: Void
Shoes: Nike

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