A journey to Ibiza with Jaguar

Ibiza… I don’t know what happened but over the past years this island has changed it’s reputation from infamous party-island to idealistic get-away. More and more friends make it a yearly tradition to rent a house there with friends. It seems to have everything: great hidden beaches, awesome clubs with the best DJ’s in the world, great restaurants and lots of nature. So when I got a call from Jaguar asking me if I wanted to join them to Ibiza for the Armin XE experience I just couldn’t say no.


We all know Jaguar as the legendary luxurious car brand. I have always been drawn to their logo of the leaping cat (or “leaper” for insiders). However it does have a very classic image amongst most of us youngster. The new XE model however wipes away all of our prejudices. It is a sporty, young car with all the extras that makes car lovers heart beats faster. I am not an expert, but I can tell you one thing: this car is badass.


We took a trip all over the island and got to discover Ibiza the way it is meant to be discovered: by car. I was lucky be in the company of some true Ibiza lovers that have been visiting this island every summer for the last 10 years. They gave me a few tips of places you MUST visit on Ibiza:


SLUIZ: Big store with big labels. You will find an incredible selection interior pieces and fashion. Even tough my wallet can’t handle most of their selection; it’s perfect to get inspired.

Les Terrasses: One of the most beautiful hotels in Ibiza. A definite must for interior lovers!

Cala d’Hort & Cala Conta Beach: Two of the most beautiful beaches in Ibiza and the perfect place to spend an evening on the beach with a bottle of wine, watching the sunset.


IMG_7362 IMG_7359

Of course we didn’t only spend out time in Ibiza driving around. Jaguar promised us a true 3-day experience trip and that’s exactly what we got. We stayed in the famous Ushuaia Hotel and got to meet Armin Van Buuren. We were also very lucky to be able to visit Lio – a famous cabaret club. The weekend was filled with delicious food, great company, a bit too much alcohol and memories too last a lifetime.

I just got a taste of Ibiza but I can tell you one thing: I will be back!

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