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GIFs have become thé way to express how we feel online. Feeling happy: send a GIF of a dancing cat to your friends. Ready for the weekend: share a GIF of a champagne shower on Facebook. Making fun of a colleague: e-mail him a GIF to stick it in his face. For every moment, emotion or time of the week there’s always a GIF to match. Perhaps it might even replace the emoticons and emoji’s one day.

You might think ‘GIF’ stands for: Great Internet Fun. And that’s not a wrong assumption, because they are a hoot. But in fact GIF stands for ‘graphic interchange format’. A bit less fun, right?! I won’t go into detail about the specifics and history of GIF’s but if you want to know more about it, I advise reading Mashable’s overview on the history of animated GIF’s.

GIFpop! takes GiFs to the next level and brings them to life using the magic of lenticular printing. It’s a printing technique used to make those super duper 3D cards with ridges you used to find in your cereals. Remember? You had to flip them back and forth to see the action. I went crazy for those little plastic cards! With GIFpop! GIFs aren’t for just for screens anymore, you can transform your favorite GIFs into nostalgic 3D cards.

On their website you can upload a link, use Instagram or Vines videos or fade between two images and create a unique GIF card.

Don’t know which GIF to choose? Check out our selection of GIFs and get inspired:

This is just out: YouTube quietly added an automatic GIF creator to their videos. You can create GIFs of five seconds and overlay text on the image to create your own memes.
The new tool is currently only available on all videos uploaded by PBS Idea Channel.


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