All of the lights – Ghent Light Festival

“Turn up the lights in here, baby. You know what I need. Want you to see everything. Want you to see all of the lights”

Have you visited the Ghent Light Festival past weekend? Have you visited the beautiful illuminated city center? We did!

For the third time already, Ghent blazed with lights at the Ghent Light Festival. The 4-day festival grows every year with more visitors and an even longer city-route. You could see all kinds of light sculptures and spectacular installations by contemporary artists from all around the world. Ghent University also contributed an interactive route with laser installations in the UFO building.

LichtfestivalGent013 LichtfestivalGent015 LichtfestivalGent018

The goal of the Light Festival is to bring more art and culture to the (Ghent)streets, especially in the wintertime. Everyone’s Facebook feed was filled with all kind of beautiful pictures of the festival. Every one of the 640.000 visitors was filled with wonder!


My favorite installations were the ones at the Sint-Pietersplein and the Emile Braunplein. The show at Sint-Pietersplein was a video production by Urban Keys that bathed the square in light and music. The light in combination with the soundtrack of Game of thrones made it really magical. The show at Portus Ganda was a very popular spot because of the creature that rose from the depths and danced across the water. The installation was full of imagination and left everyone amazed. The large pendulum wave was an artwork at Kramersplein where you could see gravity at work. Famous citizens of Ghent were a part of the audiovisual show at Bisdomplein. The radiant white rabbits at the Oude Beestenmarkt formed the place to be for selfie-people.

LichtfestivalGent020 LichtfestivalGent024

The success of the Ghent Light Festival lies in the fact that people from all ages can enjoy this event and that every piece of art will have its fans. There is always something to each person’s liking.

If you missed the festival, you should pay a visit to the Lightopia Exhibition at Vitra Design Museum. This exhibition lasts till the 15th of March. Don’t hesitate to go because the lights will really leave you amazed!


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